Winter is Coming….But first we Need a Fall Jacket

Fall Jacket Round up 2017

1.Faux Fur Collar • & Other Stories | 2. Yellow Coat • Mango | 3. Pink Fur • Zara | 4. Mid Length Check • H&M | 5. Short Cropped Style • Zara | 6. Animal Print • H&M | 7. Multi-Colour Fur • Mango | 8. Trench • Marks and Spencer | 9. Red Fur • Mango |


I usually call autumn, fall but autumn sounds so much nicer. Is fall North American? I rarely hear autumn in real life, but I think I remember it more from when I was younger. But whatever you call it, it arrived in the northern hemisphere on Friday. And while I don’t usually post on weekends I thought it would be a good idea to get out some fall jacket round-ups even though the weather here is more like summer. So much so that we have hibernated and are keeping the curtains drawn trying to cut down on the heat in here.

I have a thing for faux fur. I always have, so I was super excited to see it in trend this year…or maybe not since now everyone and their dog is going wearing it, and what goes on trend must come off trend. I just want to wear fur without worrying about being off trend or on. I am obviously over thinking this.  Nevertheless it is nice to see so many faux fur options this year. I have eyeballed so many jackets that I can’t figure out which one I actually want. The leopard one from last week? A muppet one? Masculine style? Military is always a good choice. A Biker Jacket with fur collar (totally my style)? Or do I want to look like Fozzy Bear? Maybe.

I went through and pulled some of my favourites that I have seen in my favourite places to shop. The prices vary, but none should truly break the bank….or maybe they will because my bank is feeling awfully broke at the moment 🙁 I’m just thankful that both girls will fit into their jackets I bought them last year. Boots maybe another story. I may give Roo my Sorels that I found at Value Village (because they are a smidge tight. Completely wearable but they will fit her better and she kept stealing them from me). Then possibly find myself another pair because as weather forecasts go they are warning us that this is going to be a cold and extremely snowy winter unlike last year’s warmer than usual and dry. So a winter boot round-up may be around the corner.

Have you bought a jacket for Autumn yet?

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    • Hahaha! I was thinking about that actually. They definitely wouldn’t work here once we hit January. Last year I got away with it some days but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky again. Parka all the way 🙁

  1. Number 2 is gorgeous – I’ve been eyeing up the faux leather jackets they have in Primark atm, they’re the exact dupe for the £90 Zara one.

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