When Work and Home Collide – An Interchangeable Work Capsule Wardrobe

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Black T-shirt • H&M | Pink Graphic T-shirt • H&M | White T-shirt • H&M | Black Blouse • H&M | Striped Shirt • H&M | White Blouse • H&M  | Grey Pullover • & Other Stories | Black Sweater • & Other Stories | Brown Striped Sweater • Zara | Black Cardigan • Mango | Blazer • H&M | Black Trousers • H&M | Dark Denim • H&M | Black Jeans • H&M | Skirt • Zara | Black Polka Dot Dress • & Other Stories | Red Print Dress • H&M | Jacket • H&M | Skull Print Scarf • Azalea | Black + White Scarf • H&M | Black Purse • Fiorelli | Boots • DKNY | Brown Flats • Zara | Black Flats • Soludos | Red Purse • Zara |


Many of us have a separate work and home wardrobe. The clothes you wear to work during the week are not the same pieces that you wear on weekends or when going out. Sometimes it’s a uniform, sometimes it’s a suit, and sometimes it’s clothes from the store you work at even though it’s not your style (ahem, been there). I’ve worked all three. Then there are the lucky ones who work in a somewhat casual/business casual atmosphere where your work and personal wardrobe are seemingly interchangeable  (obviously to a certain degree) and this is who this capsule is for.

I have a work/personal capsule for a librarian today who lives in California. So note that some different choices might need to be made or things added if you live in a place that experiences all seasons. She is a new mom, loves mostly H&M and Zara clothes, and wears mostly dresses but is looking to branch out in to dark denim/pants.

Style: black on black, edgy, and a mix of rock ie: librarian who likes metal 🙂 I feel that I channeled that, and this capsule will be extremely versatile. I plan on putting together a bunch of different outfit options featuring the pieces to show its versatility for the next post.

In the meantime let me know how you like this capsule and check this post to see what I came up with for outfits.

Side note: I am super digging that skirt from Zara, and the more I see it the more I can envision how I would wear it. I do have the brown striped sweater and brown shoes, both are true to size and great pieces (the sweater is not long, it hits perfectly at the low waist/mid hip level. And the H&M Shaping Jeans are a godsend. I have two pairs, one in greyish black and one blue. I would like to buy more but my local store sells out of my size fast and I prefer to try them on vs buying them online because you need to size up in them. They are kind of like spanx and that makes the fit smaller.

Are your work and personal wardrobe interchangeable?


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