What to Pack for Germany in Early Fall

What to Pack for 10 Days in Germany Packing Light List

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Before I jump in to the post  I wanted to vent my frustration with myself. In Monday’s post I mentioned how I bought myself a trench coat for my upcoming birthday. I saw it, liked it, and bought it without shopping around. Well, Monday Merle and I were at the mall wasting some time while Roo was at a class and we walked past Zara and there was another trench in the window. This one was more structured and classic looking but slightly more expensive. Now I don’t know which one I want. I’m going to have to go in and try on the other one on to see if I like it better but this is what I get for not shopping around first.

Anyway, on to the post. In the grand scheme of seasons, it’s generally easy to assume what the weather is going to be like (obviously with a little research and the weather channel because we know what assuming does). In winter, you bring sweaters, boots, and jackets, in the summer it will be warm so you have tees and dresses, but in early fall it can go either way. It can get brutally hot some days, and others you will feel like cool late fall. So how does one pack for that? First off you watch the weather channel religiously until you leave so you can make sure you are prepared as best you can. Secondly you pack layers. Layers is always the key to unpredictable weather.

My request is for Germany this week for 10 days in late September-early October to visit family, wine fest, Oktoberfest (on my bucketlist) in the region of Rhineland Pflaz and Bavaria (ahem, Neuschwanstein Castle anyone?). My dad bought a cuckoo clock from the Bavarian region many, many years ago. It’s a gorgeous clock and I remember him coming home from work and pulling the weights to keep the time every day. They still have it but I think that it is broken now.

Now back to Germany and it’s weather. September starts out in the early to mid 20’s (celsius) and slowly decreases and the month goes on. By the end of the month and in to October you will be around the early – mid teens with rainy and overcast days feeling colder as the winds change. My suggestion is to bring a light to mid weight coat (maybe a wool one) that you can layer (or not) depending on the temperatures and then a blazer to use a dressy/fun jacket for days that are warmer. Some scarves and a wool or knit hat will keep you comfortable while you are touring. I included several sweaters with a cardigan always being a good idea. Two pairs of jeans, and a pair of black trousers. One dress just in case a there is a more formal dinner or event, but I kept it simple with a wrap dress so that you can toss on the blazer or the cardigan and slip on some sneakers or boots for a casual yet edgy look. For purses, one is a crossbody and the other is a reversible tote, so that you get two purses in one with the black and brown options.

The request is for a “middle age” (In quotes because I don’t like the mindset of having to dress for your age) woman travelling with her dad but she likes to dress in a casual-sporty,boho-rocker style. Kind of sounds like me 😉 I pulled pieces that should appeal to many but are easily swappable for things more suited to your tastes. 20 outfit options for these pieces can be found in this post. I hope that I was able to give you some ideas and/or inspiration.


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