What I Wore This Week

Leather jacket, Band tee, black pants, fun flats

Graphic tee and jean jacket

Striped Blouse, black pants, and slides

Trench, knotted tee, distressed jeans, fishnets, and slides

Embroidered sweatshirt, girlfriend jeans, and boots

Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket | Pink Floyd T-shirt | Black Jeans • Mango | Shoes • Zara | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 2 – T-shirt • Thrifted | Jean jacket old • similar |
Outfit 3 – Striped Blouse • Zara | Pants • Mango | Shoes • Steve Madden | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 4 – Trench • Zara (fits quite large. I got an xs) | T-shirt • H&M | Jeans • Zara old (similar) | Fishnet socks | Slides • Steve Madden | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 5 – Embroidered Sweatshirt • Zara old (looks identical) | Jeans • Gap | Boots • Topshop (similar) |


I finally made some progress this weekend with my genealogy on my maternal side. I found a lot of information about my maternal grandfather a while ago, but my maternal grandmother seemed to be elusive. After searching every possible name, name combination, and spelling (these things can really affect what results you get) I found documentation for her baptismal certificate on ancestry and it kind of escalated from there. Building her side of the tree really showed me where my Irish heritage came from. It’s cool to see the breakdown of your ethnicity after you get your AncestryDNA test results but it’s even cooler to be able to trace back and pinpoint exactly where in your tree every part comes from. My Nana definitely was Irish though I never even realized.

Tom was out of town on Saturday night and what I thought would be a nice peaceful night of everyone going to bed early, and me being able to read for hours undisturbed turned into two kids dragging their shit in to the room and taking advantage of the empty bed. I swear to god these two even fight in their sleep. One snuggles too close and the other hauls out and hits her in her sleep. Peaceful? No.

The kijiji deal for twin Ikea beds fell through so in the meantime we flipped their Ikea Kura to the non bunk setup for Roo and the other bed is just a mattress on the floor until we get the adjustable bed for Merle. We can adjust the bed to the 2nd size so it will take up less room which is needed at the moment. I also told Roo that if she watches some tutorials and learns how to do it, she can decoupage her desk with old comics if she wants. I’m hoping to have the room all put back together before September. That may be wishful thinking though.

I’m sitting on two Zara gift cards that I got for my birthday. I can’t wait until of their fall stock completely comes in. Have you spotted any fall pieces you love yet?

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  1. Geesh, these are all great outfits, Sara. And the one with your new trench is aces! Hope you had as much fun wearing them all as readers like me enjoy seeing them.

    • Thanks Ardith! It was slightly cooler last week so I practiced for fall 😉 I love the trench too. I’m so glad I stuck with my original choice. I hope you’re having a great week!

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