What to Pack for Bruges, Belgium

What to Pack for Bruges, Belgium Packing Light List

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I know it sounds like a cliche, but autumn is my favourite season to dress for which ultimately makes it my favourite season to make packing lists for. I would completely fill my wardrobe with sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves and live in them all year if I could get away with it. So needless to say when the stores start turning over from summer to fall I get excited and inspired to dress for fall.

This weeks packing list is for Bruges, Belgium which has to be one of the most enchanting cities ever. I’ve come to the conclusion that while I think of my dream home as some uber modern penthouse flat, or an open concept industrial style warehouse apartment; I would really like a medieval stone house along the canal like in the header photo. Talk about one extreme to another 😉

I built this list a little different than usual. I usually pick a few neutral pieces, then add in some colour to round it out. This time I started with this fabulous purple jacket and then built everything around that. The rest of the pieces are mostly neutral in colour but some have a print to break the monotony that can go along with a small wardrobe when you want all the pieces to work together. Add in some shoes with one or two in a fun colour or print (I love leopard with purple and these leopard flats are Vionic’s which are super comfortable for walking), some weather appropriate accessories, and you have a well-rounded packing capsule. This list is requested for 3 weeks but you can easily get more out of these pieces.

The 30 outfit options for this list can be found in this post.

My birthday is right around the corner which means that summer is on its way out. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I hate the heat, but on another I am not too sure that I am looking forward to cold and snow just yet. We had such a mild winter last year I have a feeling that it is going to be brutally cold this winter. I wish I could move some place more temperate for the season. Oh well, at least I don’t have to buy a new winter jacket or boots for me this year. I think the girls jackets will still work but they both may need new boots. (I can’t believe I am thinking about this already).

Can you believe that summer is more than half over? 

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  1. OMG! I’ve actually been to Bruges. My colleague Emmie took me for a day trip there when I worked for Philips. It is indeed a lovely place and had the most aromatic, romantic chocolate shoppe I’ve ever visited (I took several boxes home with me). I would have loved to have this wardrobe for a longer stay, especially those awesome boots, that purple coat, the black wrap top and the polkadot blouse.

    But hey, I was actually pretty stylin’ on that day trip. It was an overcast, cool day so I wore boyfriend jeans with black heeled ankle boots, and a black peacoat (can’t remember what top I wore though). Wow, I miss traveling.

    That is an awesome wardrobe you put together, Sara. Excuse me while I go and put some of it on my wish list. Cheers, Ardith

    • I can only imagine the wonderful smell. Chocolate is a must have souvenir from places like that. There would be chocolate stuffed in everyone’s suitcase.

      Overcast is my favourite outing weather so it sounds perfect for a day trip. I love how you can pretty much remember what you were wearing. I can always remember what I wore for various events in my life but I can’t remember what I went to the store for.

      My wish list grows by the day. I literally have some websites open to their new arrivals pages in a billion different tabs that I refresh frequently to see if there is anything new. I’m waiting for that yellow sweater to appear 😉

      • I hope that gorgeous sweater makes its appearance for you real soon. I wish that I could wear that shade of yellow, it’s so warm and spicy. But alas, it does nothing for my coloring.

        I have to confess that I have a handful of photos from that day trip, so that’s why I can recall what I wore. I can’t remember what we had for lunch, but I remember commenting on how much chubbier the Belgian cows were versus their Dutch cousins. The route Emmie took to and from Brugge included a fair amount of beautiful pastural land.

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