What to Pack for a Road Trip – Plus Size

What to Pack for a Road Trip Plus Size Packing Light List

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I just walked in the door from a really long outing with the family today (Tuesday). We were out for longer than we have been out in one day in a long while and I was totally hoping it would knock the kids out but it seems to have energized them. I’m ready to sleep though. We hit up the museum where we each had our favourite parts; Merle was in geode heaven, I am all about the Middle Ages, Roo thrives on Greece, and while Tom isn’t a huge museum fan I think he secretly liked some parts because I caught him reading lots of information plaques and taking pictures. Maybe I will win him over 😉 Then we hit up the big Value Village where we found some books, and then we went out to dinner. Now I am writing this blog post while eating my leftovers and trying to stay awake. Maybe I’ll rewatch Friends in the background to keep me alert.

This week I have a packing list for a 2 week road trip in summer than starts in California and goes to Arizona. Arizona is pretty bloody hot right now so I didn’t bother adding any type of light jacket. The thought behind this list is comfort, and I may or may not have included an extra shirt or two in case the heat is so intense you sweat through them all before laundry time 🙂 The breakdown is as follows:

I made this quite a casual list because car travel needs comfort. If will have any situations that require something more dressy than black pants, and a black shirt then you will have to adjust the options accordingly. I will put together the outfit options from this list for the next post.

What are your go-to’s for a long road trip? I get car sick easily (it sucks) so since I can’t read then music is the next best thing. I would say a good playlist is a top rank for me, along with books and an iPad for the non driving parts. 

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  1. I am loving that DC Lady Trinity/Super Best Friends Forever T-Shirt. My eight month old adores Wonder Woman, she has a little Wondy dolly, a Wondy book, summer AND winter onesies. She even tries to grab my Wonder Woman mug whenever I’m drinking out of it. She’d flip if I wore a t-shirt like that!

    It’s been ages since I’ve been on a road trip, but my best friend and I did loads about 15 years ago (le sigh). Our soundtrack was pretty heavy on the nu metal and nu metal adjacent bands. What can I say, it was 2002 and we were 19… A less embarrassing road trip classic was the first Tenacious D album. I will forever associate that with the gnarly sunburn I got when her car got searched for nearly an hour because some cop thought we were smuggling drugs INTO Mexico.

    • I love Tenacious D! I have an old tenacious D t-shirt kicking around somewhere. I wonder if I can alter the size a bit. My old best friend and I would rent cars and hit up the music festivals all the time back in early 2000’s. Our playlists were always a mixture of our early teen favourites (still favourites today), punk/ska, and whatever dance music played at bars back then. I also really enjoyed Eminem. I can’t say I ever got my car searched but we did get chased when stealing a street sign we wanted for our apartment. A blinking caution sign probably wasn’t one of my brightest moments 😉

  2. Thank you so much! I already have the exact Birkenstocks – must be a sign! Can’t wait to see the outfits you put together for even more inspo. That’s me sorted for packing then, now to do the kids & husband!

    • I’m glad that you like it! I figure that Birkenstocks are the universal comfort sandal so they would make a good choice 🙂 I’m working right now to get 30 options up for tomorrow.


  3. I’m not plus-size, but this packing list is so cute! We’re road-tripping down to Disney World in a few days, so audio books are a must for me (unless my 3 kids interrupt 257 times). A sweatshirt and blanket are also must-haves, since my husband keeps the car slightly above freezing temp and outside is surface-of-the-sun/unventilated-shower-stall.

    • I’m not plus size either but I try to give a variety of sizes and choices as much as I can. It’s so easy to take the same premise and choose comparable pieces too. I hear you on the kids interrupting thing. It’s constant screeching from the back seat. I don’t know how well a road trip would go with those two :/ My husband also keeps the vehicle at freezing levels. I have to always bring a sweater even when it is a million degrees outside.

      I hope you’re having a blast at Disney!


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