What to Pack for a month in Italy

What to Pack for one month in Italy Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

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Does anyone else constantly have cold hands, even when it’s a million degrees out? It probably doesn’t help that the central air blows out directly above my desk, but it is making me type in slow motion. I’m a little stir crazy today because there is an air quality advisory so we stayed in. Merle recently discovered that several of her Playstation games have the ability to go online to play with other people and that she can use a microphone to talk to them. She also thinks that she has to talk really loud for them to hear, so it’s hard for me to focus 100% since her Playstation is about 4 feet from my desk 😉

This request came from a while back. It has taken me longer than I hoped to play catch up so I am finally getting to it. It’s for a mom with 3 young children going to Italy for 4 weeks for September-October. She wanted a smallish capsule of pieces that should carry her through and transition through the month. Depending where you are in Italy you are going to see varying temperatures, especially at this time of year when it is making the transition to fall. September usually starts of in the low 20’s and will slowly decrease as the month goes on. Night time, rain, and being on water will also drop the temperatures so it is best to be prepared.

Having 3 young kids to travel with also means that the clothes need to be no fuss, and easy to wear so I stuck with basics and added pieces in. I decided to add a swimsuit last minute because I figured that at this time of year the weather can be unpredictable and you may find there are more than a few beach weather days on the trip.

I put together a full 30 days of outfits from these pieces which can be found in this post. I will link it as soon as it is posted.

The accent colour I chose is yellow, because I am really liking yellow at the moment. Do you have a current favourite colour to wear?

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  1. Crikey, this is great wardrobe for the fun and breathtaking beauty that is Italy, Sara. Great call on that H&M peasant blouse, BTW. It’s a perfect length, too. And I like those ankle length jeans.

    Say, do you have some recommendations for shopping at H&M? I find their sizing so frustrating that I haven’t shopped there in quite a while.

    • Thanks! I love that you say crikey, it’s better than some of the words I use 😉

      I agree that H&M can be frustrating. I usually don’t have issues with sizing in shirts (especially sweaters) but the pants are a different story. When I go in I make sure that I have enough time and am willing to try on a lot of different sizes. I am a huge fan of their shaping denim but I generally have to go up 2 sizes which can knock your confidence down a bit. You have to be willing to pull larger sizes to try on instead of your regular. And as long as you go in knowing this you will most likely find some successes. I don’t buy pants online from them unless I know how they fit beforehand.

      • I am known to use those other words too, LOL. Thank you for the H&M tips. Unfortunately, we don’t have a store anywhere nearby (and driving beyond 1/2 hour in Texas means you will be dodging Texas drivers at literally every turn). But now I’m armed with better information about sizes, so thank you muchly. Did you happen to order that awesome H&M peasant blouse for yourself?

        • I have it added to my basket right now along with a wrap blouse. I wanted to pop down to the store and see if they had in there first though to save on any unnecessary shipping costs. I was going to check it out earlier to day but I was having site issues. I had updated a plugin and it caused my site to be completely inaccessible. Thank god I was able to figure out how to delete a plugin without access to my admin page. I was freaking out for a bit.

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