What I Wore This Week

Culottes, camisole, and fedora

T-shirt dress, tweed jacket, converse

red jacket, graphic t-shirt, skinny jeans

Casual pants, tank top, and slides

Outfit 1 – Culottes • thrifted (similar) | Camisole • Mango | Fedora • Thrifted (similar) | Shoes • Zara |  Purse • Vintage (similar) |
Outfit 2 – Dress • Zara (similar) | Jacket • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Converse | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 3 – Jacket • Topshop | Graphic Shirt | Jeans • Zara (I cut the fringe off) | Shoes • Zara |  Purse • Vintage (similar) | Watch • Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses • Rayban |
Outfit 4 – Tank • H&M | Pants • thrifted (similar) | Slides • Steve Madden | Purse • Urban Outfitters |


I pretty much spent this weekend (aside from an early Sunday flea market outing) taking the teacher’s course for The Big History Project to learn how to use the site and teach it to Roo. It was about 9 hours in total if you watch all the videos and do all the activities they suggest. At the end you get a certificate to use (obviously if you are actually teacher) and a $20 Amazon gift card (if you do a short survey) which is sent to you via email within a couple of weeks after. I haven’t sat and done a course in a while and I feel a little brain overload but the course was immensely helpful and educational. I’m excited to see how well it works through the year.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public on Friday and holy crap things sell out fast. I know they say that you should jump on something when you see but things literally disappear out of your basket before you have a chance to buy it. It’s unreal. Oh, well. I have enough jeans right now anyway 😉 I tend to need to try pants on first  because I find sizing so all over the place so I really should avoid buying them online. I do like these and they are a great deal but I don’t need them. I was hoping to hit it up the store again on Saturday to go through it a second time and see what they have left and may have restocked but aside from taking the course I spent most of the day doing nothing but reading a book and enjoying the rain. It was nice to step away from the computer for a chunk of time.

Did I mention that I won $243 in the lottery last week? We went out for lunch and bought groceries with it. I’m a pretty exciting spender eh? 😉 So I have thought about getting Kindle Unlimited; does anyone subscribe and if so is it worth it for someone who reads 2+ books a week?

Do you know what totally annoys me? When you are shopping online and see something you like but when you click on it, it isn’t the piece that they are selling; it’s just part of their styling. This happens to me on the Zara site frequently like right here. I am in love with that yellow sweater but it’s not actually for sale. I hope they end up adding it to their fall line because it is amazing. I’m sure if I was a knitter I could do it but I am totally not a knitter (and lack the desire to be so) therefore I buy.

Do you have any online shopping pet peeves?

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  1. Congratulations on your winnings, Sara! What you chose to do with them is both practical and fun (the lunch), so good call. It sounds like your investment, including in your time, in the history program is wise and will serve you well with teaching Roo.

    Love your pointy flats, ma’am. They rock and are so unique. I also love that floppy purse, and I must look into that one. All in all, it was a rockin’ week with your outfits.

    I’m now done with my summer shopping. Generally, it’s been a good experience.

    Shopping Pet Peeve: The Nordstrom peasant blouse arrived, albeit in a very crumpled state; I’m disappointed in how it was shipped. I’m also disappointed that the material seems to wrinkle easily anyway, especially since it is a more expensive top. Perhaps I should have bought that H&M version you posted instead. And yes, I agree wholeheartedly with your frustration on not being able to purchase items included in posted photos. I run across that quite frequently.

    Cheers and have a lovely week, Ardith

    • I checked out the H&M blouse in person on Monday and it’s nice. I don’t think it would wrinkle as easy as the one you got. It’s lightweight, and a nice length. I was going to try it on but I was strapped for time. That sucks about your blouse. I hate getting excited by a purchase to be really let down upon its arrival. It really ticks me off when companies just toss the product in a box or bag without a care when shipping. I’ve received items so crammed tight in mailer bags that I almost cut the fabric while trying to get it out. There is no excuse for that besides the shippers not caring.

      The weather is cooler this week so it’s letting me try out some early fall outfits. It’s nice to be able to go out and breathe without stifling humidity. I’m also trying to tackle a diy duvet project for Merle this week. Well I hope to if the last part arrives in the mail today. Aside from that it’s fairly uneventful which I’m okay with.

      I hope you and the mister are doing well.

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