What I Wore This Week

brown, check culottes, bad tee, slides, and vintage purse

mother daughter matching kimonos, converse, vintage purse

white blouse, skinny jeans, gladiator sandals

black, lace shirts, distressed jeans, Adidas

white, lace shirt. denim jacket, Adidas

Outfit 1 – Band tee (similar) and similar| Brown culottes | Slides | Vintage Purse (similar) |
Outfit 2 – Me: Kimono (similar) | Camisole | Jeans | shoes |
Merle: Kimono | leggings (similar) | sneakers |
Outfit 3 – Blouse | Jeans (cut off the fringe) | Sandals | Watch | Vintage Purse (similar) |
Outfit 4 – Black Lace Top | Jeans | Sneakers | Purse |
Outfit 5 – White Lace Shirt | Denim Jacket | Sneakers | Purse (similar) |


Omg you guys, the fighting. I feel like I am a referee in a cage match today :/ They are so in tune with one another that they know exactly what to do to get the most dramatic results. I am trying to spend the day catching up on things that I have fallen behind in and all I am doing is running in to the room and yelling. Bah. Weird quirk but Merle hates chips to the point of freaking out if anyone eats them near her and what does Roo do? Eat chips and then proceed to touch all of Merle’s belongings with her chip residue fingers. I wish it was dinner time and I just I could skip it and send everyone to bed.

I mentioned last post the I was dancing around buying a shirt from Zara that was on sale. I ended up not getting it (at the moment) and went in and actually tried on a few other things. These were pieces that I had my eye on online but wanted to see in person and was mildly disappointed, so I ended up with nothing (which I guess is good for my debit card). I did go into Brandy Melville and found an awesome Pink Floyd vintage looking t-shirt and decided that would be a good purchase for me. I must say though; I spent almost 4 hours in the mall Saturday (wasting time while Roo was in a class) and only bought lunch and a shirt. I was impressed with my self-restraint. Oh wait a second. I’m lying. I also bought the girls a bin/hamper from Simon’s. It is llama print (Roo loves llamas) in both of their favourite colours (yellow and Tiffany blue) so it seemed like a no brainer since it’s purpose is to help keep the room clean. But that was all I got.

Sunday was our 13th wedding anniversary. It so doesn’t feel like 13 years. We just went to the antique flea market for the day with the girls. Both of us couldn’t remember our wedding date and had to google “July 2004 calendars” at the same time trying to answer first. It’s been a long time when you can’t remember your wedding date 😉

The blood curdling screams have begun again. I’m sure it’s just because she accidentally made eye contact with her. After I mediate this I am spending the rest of the evening working on my genealogy family tree. Or a least trying to since I hit a wall with it. Any tips for someone who has a parent who was adopted? 

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    I hope your uber fun wardrobe made up for all of the sibling screaming…at least in part. You certainly looked cool and stylish.

    I finally found a couple of romantic/bohemian blouses that I’ve been hunting for, even if they aren’t made of the natural fabrics I wanted. I found one as ASOS and the other at Old Navy. Thank goodness for sales, is all I have to say. Plus, they actually look as good on me as I’d hoped. Score!

    Now if I could find those $%#%$ black platform sandals. Today I shipped back another failed attempt.

    Hope you have a great and quiet-on-the-home front week. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks! What crap about the platforms though. I’ve been having a lot of ordering then returning issues myself. I am getting scared they are going to tell me that I can’t order from them anymore due to too many returns 😉 at least you found some blouses. I find that I am more and more frequently having to get pieces that don’t tick all the boxes (like natural fabrics) because in order to do so will be out of my budget. I’ve also noticed that Old Navy produces some gems, you just have to look. We are entering in to my favourite shopping season to buy for and I am excited to see all the fall roll outs.

  2. My husband and I got married on Valentine’s Day, not out of romance, but so he would remember our anniversary. My parents did something similar, only instead of a holiday it was the anniversary of D-Day. They got married in 1981, so their 25th fell on 06/06/06.

    No advice on the research, unfortunately. A cousin of mine was doing genealogy research recently and got stuck because she had no idea where our family originated from (France) or when we arrived in the US(sometime between 1676 and 1703). It’s been common knowledge in our family for years, but she grew up in the same cult as the Duggar family, so there’s a lot she didn’t know and I spent hours filling in all the gaps for her.

    • That probably would have been smart of us to pick a more memorable date. I honestly don’t even know why we picked what we did. When I think on it, it seems so random. If we would have waited a little less than a month than we could have married on my birthday.

      Genealogy is hard. If I had the money I would hire someone to help me. I am part of so many Facebook groups on the topic that is gets to be very overwhelming. My dad just mailed off his DNA so I am hoping that it helps to narrow a lot of things down for us.

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