What I Wore This Week

Black maxi dress, leather jacket, Adidas

Grey oversized sweater, boyfriends jeans, fedora, and slides

oversized sweater and vintage saddle bag purse

black off the shoulder maxi dress, gladiator sandals

slides. lace top, grey jeans, and leather jacket

Outfit 1 – Maxi dress | Leather Jacket | Adidas |
Outfit 2 – Grey Oversized Sweater | Girlfriend Jeans | Fedora | Slides |
Outfit 3 – Cream Oversized Sweater | Vintage Saddle Bag |
Outfit 4 – Black off -the-shoulder midi/maxi dress | Sandals (from Etsy) | Tan Purse | Daniel Wellington Watch | Rayban Aviators |
Outfit 5 – Lace Top | Leather Jacket | Grey Jeans | Slides | Rayban Aviators |


The weekend is over and I can now speak from personal experience that Ikea can in fact almost cause you to get a divorce. Man oh man it was a doozy. On the way back I was ready to jump out of the moving car and then hitchhike home. Now we have to build the furniture which should be fun :/ We did get a new light fixture for the main room which is really cool. It replaces the monstrosity that Tom always banged his head on.

We are heading to the zoo on Tuesday because we haven’t been to the ROM in such a long time that Merle barely remembers it (I don’t know why it’s been so long because museums are literally my favourite place to be). Last time we were there she was still so young that she ran right in to a plate-glass window and fell on her ass because she didn’t know it surrounded the exhibit. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how freaked she gets by the bug section. Is that mean? First time around she was literally in love with the hissing cockroaches, now she freaks out the she sees a dust ball blow across the floor.

I ordered a pretty cool pair of flats from Zara two weeks ago but when they came one was noticeably lighter in colour like it was in a window display and bleached by the sun. I was disappointed but returned them then re-ordered them (not available in my store) so I am hoping that they work better this time. Of course they get stuck in the mail for the long weekend so they weren’t delivered on Friday. I was kind of hoping to break them in this weekend but I don’t think I want to risk wearing them for a full day at the museum.

So all in all aside from the Ikea battle our place is kind of coming together here. I’d still really like to freshen it up with some white paint though because whoever painted this place beforehand thought it was a good idea to paint the vent surround (that hangs lower on the ceiling) a much darker shade. It should be white so it kind of blends with the ceiling. We didn’t have time or money to repaint before we moved in and now it’s a pain in the ass to do it since there is no place to move the furniture out of the way.

Have you ever had the whole Ikea fight experience? It shouldn’t be missed 😉 

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