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Black Tank • H&M | Striped T-shirt • Mango | Chambray Shirt • Madewell | Band T-shirt • Hot Topic | White Wrap Blouse • H&M | Kimono • Zara (sold out) | Black Sweater • Mango | Blazer • H&M | White Linen Pants • H&M | Black Wide Leg Pants • H&M | Shorts • Madewell | Skirt • Marks and Spencer | Black Embroidered Casual Dress • Madewell | Black Slip Dress • H&M | Bathing Suit • H&M | White Scarf • Fat Face | Floral Scarf • Echo | Hat • Azalea | Sunglasses • Quay | Wrap Sandals • Sam Edelman | Sneakers • Adidas | Mules • Jeffrey Campbell | Black Purse • Liebeskind Berlin | Brown Crossbody • Fossil |


This summer cold I have just morphed in to a worse one than I had over the entire winter. I think my nose is going to fall off and my sinuses explode. I’m taking advantage of everyone in the house (minus Tom) being sick and trying to finish this post mid-day instead of late-night. Not to be mean but it’s kind of peaceful when everyone is sick and just laying around 😉

I got an Instagram request for a 3 week honeymoon to Australia in December, so it’s their summer our winter. She wanted to get on it early since the seasons are reversed and it will be hard to find summery things during the winter.

I have a good friend in Brisbane and one in Sydney, and I love seeing the season reversal and them complaining about heat waves while we have snowstorms. But the key word is heat waves. It can get really hot there so as much as I love jeans it probably makes sense to leave them at home (unless you wear them for plane travel since it will be winter when you leave your city). I may or may not have asked one of my friends for her advice and opinion on my selections too.

As much as you hear of the casualness of Australia it can be quite dressy too, especially the nightlife. Many people recommend bringing heels, but that is obviously a personal choice based on much you think you will need them. Since packing light means keeping to a maximum of three pairs of shoes it may not be feasible to bring heels unless you think that you will get a lot of use out of them. Maybe a wedge espadrille would be a better option because they will get more wear and can be both dressy and casual depending on how you wear them.

Although it is hot, a light jacket is always smart. A denim jacket, blazer (good for dressier situations too), a light trench (can be good for light rain), are all good options. I included two dresses, one casual, and one slip dress style that can be dressed up or down, and a skirt because a skirt will pair with all the tops giving more outfit options. I added a kimono instead of a cardigan because it is lighter, colourful, and has more uses (swimsuit cover, or worn over dresses, shorts, or pants). Don’t forget the sun accessories like a hat, scarves, and sunnies to round it out.

Thirty outfit options for this list can be found in this post. I hope this gives you some good ideas of what you can bring, approved by a person who lives there (unless you are going to be doing a lot of adventure tourism which would be a whole other list of things to bring).

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