What to Pack for Paris and Prague Packing Light

What to Pack for Paris and Prague Packing Light List


All of the pieces from this list are from & Other Stories:
Black Tank | Striped T-shirt | Graphic T-shirt | Silk Blouse | Black Oversized Sweater | Grey Pullover | Light Jacket | Blue Jeans | Black Jeans | White Dress | Black Shirt Dress | Skirt | Scarf | Hat | Sunglasses | Sandals | Black Flats | Slides | Black Purse | Brown Crossbody |


I have a lot of requests to blow through so bear with me if you see more than one per week, because I am trying to catch up and get them out before the trips take place. It’s not easy when you are trying to concentrate and your husband is watching Tiny Homes and keeps interrupting you (because I am 3 feet away at the computer) to let you know (again) that he wants to move in to a bus. I’m sure you can guess what my feeling on that are right? ;)

This request is for a 10 day trip to both Paris and Prague in August and comes via Instagram. I was going through my usual sites that I use to find clothing picks and I found that I kept pulling pieces from the same store over and over so I decided to do something totally different this week and make a packing light list based on picks entirely from one store. And no this isn’t sponsored. I just discovered & Other Stories and find they are right up my alley in style and price-wise. I find them comparable with Zara whom I also love, but also different enough to pique my interest.

When I was making the choices I picked exactly what I would pack myself  if I was going on this trip (heavy on the neutrals and black). I kind of feel like I went into my closet a picked these pieces straight out. My choices consist of:

I am also slowly getting back in to jewelry after many years of being completely over it. Although I would never bring a lot of it on a trip, I would definitely bring a watch, and then maybe a simple necklace, and a bracelet to add some dressiness to what I was wearing. Throw on some red lipstick and you have a very simple, yet effortlessly chic “French” wardrobe. I hope you like my choices as much as I do this week.

Fifteen outfit options can be found in this post.

Bon Voyage!

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  1. i’ve been tempted to try & other stories as well, especially as they’re having a sale at the moment! as usual though, a bit frustrating that there isn’t a store anywhere near me to see how their sizing is. i’m still kicking myself i didn’t drag my husband into one of their stores the last time we were over in london, but it’s definitely on my shopping list for next time! looking forward to seeing what outfits you put together!

    • I know! I totally wish they would expand their market here because I would love to go in and try their stuff on. I’m all over the place in sizes, especially in pants so I would definitely need to try them on. Gambling isn’t my forte when I have to return things by mail. If you hit it up on your next trip let me know how it goes :)


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