What I Wore This Week


Distressed jeans and classic vans

Black dress and leather jacket with classic vans

Band tee, oversized cardigan, distressed jeans, and Adidas

Tweed jacket, cami, distressed jeans, and slides

Apparently I love these distressed jeans since I wore them 3 out of 4 days 😉

Outfit 1 – Black Blouse • Zara (similar) | Distressed jeans • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Vans | Purse • H&M (similar) | Watch • Daniel Wellington |
Outfit 2 – Leather jacket • Zara (similar) | Dress • Zara ( similar) | Shoes • Vans |
Outfit 3 – Band tee • Urban Outfitters (similar) | Oversized Cardigan • H&M old (similar ) | Jeans • Zara ( Similar) | Shoes • Adidas |
Outfit 4 – Camisole • H&M | Jacket • from the Zara sale and sold out (similar, similar plus size) | jeans • Zara (similar) | Shoes • Steve Madden |


Holy Value Village scores batman! This Sunday was their summer clean out pre sale for their savers club members. Monday is the actual sale date for everyone. It’s 50% off clothes, shoes, and accessories and we hauled really well.

There were a few non sale items we got that were also great finds like the Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters licences plush which has been on our Wishlist for a long time. I honestly can’t believe we found that there, and the bonus is that when you pull his tongue he growls. I have a thing for old product advertising posters and I found a replica alcohol advertisement from 1922 (on a large, wooden wall plaque). But my biggest score of the day was a Botkier Trigger Satchel that is $300 new but I got for $4.50 (50% off $9.00). I just happened to walk by and thought, “hey, that looks like a moto bag that I would carry.” Then I recognized the name and did a quick google search and saw the price. I was like, “yep, sold.” I also found another purse which is a vintage, hand tooled leather purse similar my other one I use frequently but a darker leather and a slightly different shape, a pair of culottes (actually capris but are culottes on me) and a cute dress from H&M.

As per usual Roo found some fun t-shirts, and a pair of Little House on the Prairie style boots she wanted. They are Steve Madden and are in great condition. Merle got an Ikea wooden artist dummy to replace one that she had before that broke, a board game, and some Mexican marionettes that are creepy as shit. She has a thing for marionettes and animatronics which she definitely doesn’t get from me.

Tom found some work clothes and shoes. He usually has more success there than I do but today I seemed to score well which surprised me since they clear out fast during sales. So we spent the day traveling to various Value Villages, hit up the grocery store for the week, and then took the girls swimming. I am tired now so I am signing off. I have a packing list for 10 days in Paris and Prague coming up this week that I kind of love. It emulates my style perfectly. I hope you like it as much as me.

Have you found any good deals thrifting or store bought recently? 

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  1. OMG, I can’t believe your wonderful haul, what a score! Kudos to all of you on your finds. I, on the other hand, found virtually zilch at our local thrift. Plus, these are the platform sandals that I want/need, but they are out of budget at the moment (https://www.luisaviaroma.com/windsor+smith/women/sandals/65I-I8W009/lang_EN/colorid_QkxL0?shipto=US&shiptocurrid=USD&utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=cpc_desktop&utm_content=US&utm_term=sandals&utm_campaign=64i). So, I am awaiting a totally different pair from Overstock, plus a blouse and a couple of top from ASOS I hope fit/that I like.

    Hope you have a fabulous week. Cheers, Ardith

    • I know eh? I was so surprised but pleasantly so.

      Those platforms are killer! It’s so depressing when there is something like that that you want so badly but it is out of budget at that time. Those items always seem to pop up when we are at our brokest.
      I ordered some pretty cool leather flats from Zara. They are tan, pointy toe with a big cut out V. When they arrived though one shoe was noticeable lighter than the other. Almost like it was a store window display shoe and faded from the sun. It also had some wrinkles in the leather that made it look like it was either squished at some point or worn, so I had to return them and since the store didn’t have any on stock I had to reorder them. I was the whole refund money, have to wait 10 days for it crap that I was complaining about before. They really need to figure out a better way. Anyway, I hope the new ones that are coming are better because that was disappointing.

      It’s Canada’s 150th this weekend so there should be a lot of festivities. I hope you and the hubs have a great 4th of July.


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