What to Bring for Kids on the Plane

What to pack a young child to bring on the plane #travel #traveltips #packinglight #packinglist #livelovesara

1 Bowie hoody • Mango | 2. Rosie Revere Engineer Book | 3. Stuffed Fox • Target | 4. Dr. Seuss Colouring book | 5. Frog Travel Blanket | 6. Cat Passport Holder • Paperchase | 7. Headphones • Urbanears | 8. iPad | 9. Crayons and Crayon roll • Etsy | 10. Magnetic Superhero Figures • Mudpuppy | 11. Backpack • Pottery Barn |


While I am always talking about what clothes to pack for your carry-on you are actually allowed to bring a “personal item” on the plane as well. This is a smaller bag that you keep the items that you will want access to on the plane like a book, computer, iPad, chargers, games, makeup, snacks (if allowed), a sweater, and things like that. The personal item can be a variety of carrying cases like a large shoulder bag, backpack, briefcase, laptop bag…just don’t bring something gigantic because it may not fit the defined measurements/and or weight limits of the airline and they may make you check it. Always check with the airline beforehand because this info will (in most cases) be located online. When in doubt pick the smaller one 😉 because this item must be able to be stored under the seat in front of you since you will already have your carry-on bag in the overhead.

Now for what to bring for kids, which depends on several factors like;
a) the age of the child (obviously)
b) their interests
c) the length of the flight
d) the airline regulations

If your flight is shorter than you will probably not need to bring a travel blanket, a warm sweater/ or hoody will do and can be worn on the plane since they are temperature regulated and can get cool. A book or two is always a great idea and depending on their age you might want to just download books on an iPad or another reading device to save room and lessen the weight of the bag (while I prefer and physical book hands down. I have a million loaded on to my iPad). Games are always fun, but since planes aren’t somewhere that you want lots of tiny pieces falling all over then I would stick with magnetic travel games that are made for this purpose. You can find these anywhere, but Melissa & Doug have great quality ones, and Mudpuppy makes a lot of fun magnetic figures/built-its which keep all of the pieces in a flat, metal tin (in which they stick to). Computers/Ipads with headphones are great to keep them busy and quiet with games, reading, or pre downloaded movies for hours of entertainment. Just don’t forget the charger (and universal adapter if needed). Colouring or drawing supplies will be good not just for the flight but also any hotel stay. And last but not least if they have a favourite stuffed animal keep it in the bag so it doesn’t get lost. Merle has Alvin (aka I.T. Bone) and she never, ever leaves him behind. I have had to make myself hyper conscious of his whereabouts at all times like he is a 3rd child ever since his unfortunate “lost in Ikea” moment. It’s been recommended to me to make him a necklace or bracelet that has our phone number on it just in case he gets lost again  (god forbid).

I put together a collage for younger kids at the top and one for older kids at the bottom that can give you some ideas of what you might want to bring for them. Let’s face it, being trapped on a plane for hours can make anyone irritable so packing the right things might help to make the trip smoother.

What is your go-to kids item to bring on the plane? 

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What to pack an older child to bring on the plane #travel #traveltips #packinglight #packinglist #livelovesara

1 Spring Trap FNAF Stuffed Animal | 2. Monster Travel Blanket | 3. Harry Potter Illustrated Book | 4. Striped Hoody Sweater • Mango | 5. Headphones • Urbanears | 6. iPad | 7. Prismacolor Pencil Crayons | 8. Magnetic Hangman • Melissa & Doug | 9. Back Pack • The North Face | 10. Passport Holder • Paperchase | 11. Sketch Pad |

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  1. Excellent post, Sara. You made such great, fun choices that it makes me rethink what we as adults tend to take with us during such travels. Why shouldn’t we consider things along the same fun lines, eh? Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, Ardith

    • I’m not sure why that is Ardith. I think somewhere along the way we think we have to choose practicality over fun. But in reality it is so easy to have both if we let ourselves (which is another issue all together).

      The weekend was alright. I had a headache but find that happens a lot lately. I either need to cut down the caffeine or increase water. I’m sure my diet doesn’t help either. I promised myself that I would stop at Whole Foods on Saturday to pick myself up something good to eat for dinner that night. I ended up coming home with a Taco Bell Big Box just for myself :/ Definitely a work in progress.


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