What to Pack for the French Riviera in Spring

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The girls and I are taking advantage of the nice day to go see Beauty and the Beast for lunch. This is a bonus of homeschooling, you can go to the movies during the daytime to avoid the crowds. They have begged to see it since before it came out so I figure I should take them before it leaves the theatre right? 😉

The packing light list for this week comes via a request for 18 days in the French Riviera area in France (known as the Côte d’Azur region). She and her boyfriend are visiting family in Villefranche-sur-mer and will be touring and doing many day trips in and around the area for the first week. They then will go on to Paris for a week, then spend the remaining days in B&B’s touring the WWII beaches and wine areas. She noted that she is usually a very casual girls (slip-ons, jeans, and t-shirts) but wants to amp it up a bit to still be causal but more casual chic (which is something the French have perfected). The key to keeping a casual chic look is to combine the right balance of casual and dressier pieces.

The temperatures in this area for the end of April and beginning of May are from the high teens to low 20’s (in celsius) and is perfect weather for jeans, light jackets/sweaters, and flats. So to get this casual chic look I stuck to a fairly neutral palette of white, black, grey light blue, and denim with the colour being added by brightly coloured/patterned scarves. Scarves are so versatile and can be tied a millions ways to completely change the look of an outfit. They also take no room to pack so it is worth it to bring a few.  The shoes I included are slip-on casual shoes, a pretty flat, and a low-cut boot. When given the choice, lean towards basics in a higher quality fabric because it will make you look more chic. Like an outfit that pairs these cropped, casual jeans, with the silk long sleeve blouse, and the tie ankle flats looks so put together with minimal effort.

For purses I would suggest one crossbody, and one shoulder bag if you want to have a variety. It depends what your options are, and what you will be doing. For straight up touristy things I lean towards a crossbody because it is so easy to carry, but sometimes I like to carry more with me so I want a larger bag. Having a couple of options is nice. If I was one who could afford designer purses (like a Chanel Classic Flap) I’d probably just bring that one, and I would use for everything as my statement piece.

The outfit options for this packing list can be found in this post.

I find myself stalking therealreal website in search of designer bags, but I don’t know if I would ever allow myself to spend that much at once on a single item (even the discounted used price). Have you ever shopped on therealreal?

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