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You will notice that I specified that this list is for what to Pack for Malta in April. While it will technically cover most of the spring/fall weather, as you go into May and the temperatures rise you will need to pick options that are more suited for the warming weather. In the summer months Malta can be quite hot and a warm weather destination list will be needed.

In April Malta’s temperatures average 18°C – 22°C and if you go to the predicted weather you will see that it looks as though this April will follow suit. The lows can be in the early teens and the wind and evenings can lean towards cool at this time of year so layers will be your friend, but note that even when it is not summer the sun is strong so a high SPF suntan lotion is recommended.

Malta is known as quite a casual city so a smart-casual wardrobe will be completely appropriate. Jeans are a popular choice through all the seasons (even during the hot summer paired with camisoles, sandals, and cuffed). Dining out is generally a casual affair, even in expensive restaurants, and outdoor seating is a popular choice. It is also important to note that Malta is a devoutly religious Catholic  country, so cathedrals and churches may refuse you entry if you are not appropriately attired (covered shoulders and knees in both men and women, and oversized scarves come in handy for this reason if your shoulders are uncovered). I chose some embroidered flats since the rest of the wardrobe is quite neutral the flats bring a fun, accent piece to the choices without be overwhelming.

Most of the shorelines are rocky so flats are a good choice. While the temperatures are ideal at this time of year I chose to include a light jacket that also doubles as a blazer style coat but is roomy enough to layer a sweater under when the temperatures drop at night, or if you are touring the underground temples, war rooms, or catacombs.

I received two requests for Malta over the last few weeks and both were for spring so I thought I should jump on that since those trips coming up fast. I hope this can give you some ideas on what kind of things to bring with you and will show you how you can wear them to get the most options in the next post.

*Just as I posted this I read an article saying that Malta’s Azure window which is a popular tourist attraction collapsed in to the sea from high winds. Although not unexpected because of natural corrosion it’s still sad to lose such a beautiful site.

The morbid me really wants to tour some catacombs. Have you ever been to any?

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    • P.S. I am in love with those brocade slip ons, and I find I really like that v-neck H&M sweater in the pink (who knew!). Hope you’re having a fine week and cheers, Ardith

      • Me too! I have been finding that I have gravitated towards pink things a little more lately which shocks me because I’m generally not a pink person. I really want a pair of slides for spring/summer, and while I would love a Gucci pair 😉 I am a realist and checking out the cheaper options. These ones really caught my eye and would work well since I don’t wear many prints and mostly neutral colours.

        The Week is going well. The weather is cool but really sunny so it’s nice. No snow and I think we may escape without anymore which is crazy. Comicon is coming up again the weekend after this so they girls are getting excited. I’m sure we’ll have another Weeping Angel and a Hogwarts student for costumes again this time. I hope you and the hubs are doing well.


  1. This is such a great concept! I love that you go to the extra mile and check the weather and local etiquette, it make it so much more valuable. Your picks are perfect, too. I’m with Ardith, those slip ons are great!

    • Thanks Niki! It’s funny how it evolved. It can be time consuming but I enjoy it so it makes it worthwhile. I try to keep everything as budget friendly as possible too because it always sucks to like something and then realize it costs more than your rent 😉

  2. love this and always love when you follow up with outfit options. especially when you are able to share 30/31. i like to use them as outfit ideas each month. thank for all your ideas and inspiration.

    • Thank so much Melanie! I never even thought of using them for that. That’s a really good idea! Thank you 🙂


  3. Just to let you know – your crossbody Steve Madden bag is actually a shoulder bag. I bought it (ignoring the “shoulder bag” in the description) & was disappointed. Mostly because it has an amazing guitar strap look. With a strap like that, it really deserved a few more inches of strap to make it a crossbody.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I love your blog & have gotten lots of ideas & inspiration. I have a few years & pounds on you but our style is similar. You made me love fashion again.

    • Ugh really? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll change it to “small purse”. I totally agree that a strap like that needs to be long, and they have been in the similar styles that I have seen. That’s so obnoxious that they label it a crossbody on the Nordstrom website though.

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate hearing that your love for fashion has come back.


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