What to Pack for a 21 Day European Vacation in April – Packing Light

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This one is a kind of broad one because it involves a variety of countries/cities throughout the 21 days. First off the trip starts off in Paris, moves on to Venice, then they will board a cruise that will make stops in Greece, various Italian cities, and Croatia. It’s  for April and these cities have average temperatures that are quite close so it won’t be like a mixed climate packing list. Some areas get a little more rainfall but the average temperature ranges 13-16°C with highs of 18-20°C which is a great travel temperature. You probable won’t be basking on the beaches unless there is a freak heat wave or something, but if your cruise ship has a pool then don’t forget to bring a swimsuit because you will probably get some use out of it. Remember that a large scarf can work double duty as a bathing suit wrap/cover as well.

For all these packing lists I pick pieces that I love, or that I would wear. I don’t think you can’t have biased choices.  These picks obviously will not float everyone’s boat so it is very easy to swap out pieces for your own style preferences. While my go-to jacket is a leather moto jacket, another good choice is a trench in a short, or longer version. Trenches are classic and always make you look put together with minimal effort.

Last of all are the shoe choices. There is a debate how many shoes is the right amount to bring with you. I always say that there is never any reason to go over 3 pairs. In many instances you can get away with 2 (one you wear, the other is packed), but it all depends on what type of activities you will be doing. Doing a lot of walking or exercising? Comfortable sneakers might be a good idea. Cute flats can pull together any outfit, and a short boot can be dressed up or dressed down. Obviously sandals would be the right choice in summer or for beach destinations. For 21 days I would probably bring three pairs, the three pairs that I wear the most and are the most comfortable from my wardrobe. Nobody wants to pack uncomfortable shoes. If you don’t wear them at home you probably aren’t going to wear them on vacation.

In the instance of rain (because it’s spring and rain is usually higher at this time of year than summer) your best bet is to have a small, cheap, umbrella. Easy to pack, and no worries if you lose it. If you don’t want to pack one then you should have no issues finding an inexpensive one in a local store.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas of what you can pack for this kind trip. I will put together the outfit options for the next post.

What is your go-to lightweight jacket?

*Just to let you know, Zara is currently have a mid season sale and there are some cute sweaters and jeans for great prices if you are looking to stock up for next fall/winter.

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  1. Two thumbs up for this travel wardrobe, Sara. Well done you. I always want to include a pair of platform boots or espadrilles, but I’d just wear those on the plane to keep the carry-on lightly packed. Hope you and the fam enjoyed the weekend. We’re tired because we’ve been prepping for a visit from our Colorado friends. So, we’d better rest up for some fun times. Cheers, Ardith

    • Wow, I just took a look at the dress online and to my surprise I really love the blue color. Wish I could wear it. Ta, Ardith

      • I used to have a pair of platform espadrilles that I loved and in a moment of emotional purging I got rid of them. I totally love that dress in the blue too but the blush went better with my colour theme 😉

        I hope you have a great visit with your friends! Sounds like it’s going to be a blast.


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