What to Wear in Dublin Ireland Outfit Options

What to Wear in Dublin, Ireland Outfit Options 1-12 Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

Black Camisole • H&M | White T-shirt • J. Crew | Green Long Sleeve • Mango | Polka Dot Print Blouse • Mango | White Classic Blouse • Gap | Black Sweater • Mango | Grey Cardigan • Uniqlo | Kimono • Zara | Trench • H&M | Dark Denim • H&M | Casual Jeans • Gap | Black Trousers • Mango | Black Dress • Mango | Scarf • Pistil | Hat • Madewell | Sunglasses • Karen Millen | Flats • Dolce Vita | Boots • H&M | Brown Purse • Fiorelli | Crossbody • Asos |

Well, it happened. It got cold again. In the midst of the completely unseasonal weather we have had I woke up to one of the coldest days of the season. Which probably feels even colder because of the warm spell. I had to take my winter coat out from the back of the closet where I had hoped it would stay until next year. I would have preferred to just hibernate indoors today since it’s getting back to warmer temperatures again this weekend but I had to return some library books.

It’s 7:30 pm on Thursday I am drinking my fifth coffee of the day trying to get some energy. It reminds me of when I used to work the evening shift in retail and the mall would get dead at this time. We would all be tired and needing motivation so I would go down and buy some coffees from the food court and then we would all use the downtime to clean the store for closing with our caffeine highs 😉  I’m hoping this coffee gives me the same boost because I just feel so tired and out of it today and I still need to clean up the house to a respectable level.  I am glad that I finished my collage for this post last night, so it’s just a matter of putting up some words (which I obviously did since it’s now posted).

These are the 12 outfit options that I put together from the pieces in the What to Pack for Dublin, Ireland post. If you haven’t read that post I put it together for a women going to Ireland in July. She will have work colleagues there so she wanted to keep it classy but casual. I noted that on average it doesn’t get extremely hot in July (a comfortable 16-18°C) but can be very unpredictable and fluctuate a lot in 24 hours, so layers are important for this reason. To keep it classy I included some dressier tops, to pair with more casual jeans. Black trousers and a dress are good for dressing up, and I also included a kimono top (which can be swapped for a blazer) that can be worn as both a belted top or open over other shirts. I only included two pairs of shoes since this is only for 6 days but some may feel the need to include a third pair. Also remember that your travel outfit is picked from these pieces, not in addition to.

I thought that since February was over I would be done with the regular February doldrums. It’s March now, has been nice out and I still feel like I’m not finishing even a fraction of the things I want to get done due to lack of motivation and general blah. Anyone else feeling like this?

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