12 Mules for the Budget Conscious Shopper

Mules for the budget conscious

1. Dolce Vita Cybil | 2. Sam Edelman Paris Jacquard | 3. Dolce Vita Maura | 4. Missguided Embroidered Bee | 5. Steve Madden Kandi | 6. Steven Valente Leopard | 7. Marks and Spencer Flame Mule | 8. Topshop Alexa | 9. Nordstrom Pink Mule | 10. Asos Masie Wide Fit | 11. Aldo Shahan | 12. Steve Madden Kandi Embroidered |

I mentioned in one of my my last posts how I ordered some spring/summer shoes and they sent the wrong ones. I was pretty bummed but we have a retailer that is quite close so I was able to go in and exchange for the correct pair. I’m not going to blame them because the style name on the box were nearly identical as the correct shoes, and the only difference  between the shoes is the detailing. I wanted the Kandi with the buckle and they sent the Kandi-P with a line of pearls. The only issues that I met while getting the correct ones (and this is something that I have noticed in a lot of retailers now so this complaint is not directed specifically to them) is that when you exchange a product that is not identical to the one you bought (like a same style, different size situation) and you ordered the product online they refund you the purchase and then make you make re-purchase the correct item. This is instead of doing a direct exchange and paying or refunding the difference like they did when I worked retail (maybe that’s old school?).

In the grand scheme of things that wasn’t a big deal. I was able to buy the shoes after the refund but that would not have been the case several years ago. You see, I paid by Paypal when I ordered them online which means when they refunded the purchase the money did not go back into my account right away. In fact as I write this it still hasn’t gone through and isn’t due to be processed until this week sometime (which will be a week after I exchanged them). Then I have to transfer it from my Paypal to my bank account. The whole process will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. If I didn’t have the money in my account to pay for the new ones I wouldn’t have been able to get the correct shoe for several weeks  even though the mistake was made by them. It seems unfair to those that may have had to save to make their purchase and don’t have disposable income to cover the costs of another pair until their money is refunded. Does that seem like a legitimate complaint to you? I wish they would review this new process because I can see it causing some real issues and even embarrassment for customers that can’t afford it and that is obviously not something you ever want your customers to feel.

Back to the new shoes now. I was looking for a decent pair of Gucci dupes. We all know which ones I am talking about, they slip-one mule style that we are seeing everywhere atm. They come in fur, non-fur, or embroidered option. There is no way in hell that I could afford to drop $800-$1200 (depending on the style) on a pair of shoes. Technically I could pull it off if I didn’t enroll the kids in activities, skipped paying the hydro, and meal planned around cereal for a month but that’s not really affording it is it? Affording them would be able to make the purchase without even having to think about it because the amount is too small to be an issue. So dupes it is for me and I’m pretty satisfied with these. The sizing is perfect, the leather is soft, and they look cute on. They will work well once all the snow and slush is gone.

My rant about affording expensive shoes isn’t saying that I don’t want them nor would never buy them. While I do want a pair of Gucci classic loafers and hope to save for a pair sometime in the future, I would not spend that much money on a pair of shoes that are the newest trend because that money could be put to better use in my life (if that makes sense). Now if I won the lottery it might be a different story 😉

Above I compiled a collection of slip-ons if you are in the market for a cheaper version.

Steve Madden Kandi

Steve Madden Kandi

Steve Madden Kandi


Would you buy a pair of dupes or would you rather save for the real thing?

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  1. LOL, I felt like you reached into my mind with this post, Sara. I absolutely have gone through this thought process about return/exchange policies (and I too worked in retail). I’ve had phone conversations with retailers about it, to no avail. There have been times I’ve had to let go of items I wanted because I couldn’t juggle bank accounts to make the exchange versus return/repurchase happen. It’s frustrating and alienating. I’ve actually stopped shopping with some retailers as a result.

    Love your new mules, though. No, I wouldn’t care to spend in the neighborhood of $1K for a pair of shoes. I’m way too practical now. We could buy a couple of new exterior doors for that amount, or install a window in our dining room.

    What I would like is a pair of these platform espadrilles (@ http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/marc-fisher-ltd-adalyn-espadrille-wedge-sandal-women/4232681?cm_mmc=Linkshare-_-partner-_-15-_-93505627&siteId=QFGLnEolOWg-yShb5AuzWjz76l2uzHLqQA)…and those leopard mules you have in your curated set. And the embroidered beauties you included in a travel wardrobe. All of these are happiness.

    Cheers, Ardith

    • I mentioned in the below comment that the money hit my PayPal today and by the time it hits my bank account it will be 11 days after the return. That seems a little excessive to me. I can totally see why you would get alienated from shopping at certain retailers because of this. You feel like you are taking a huge gamble by buying online when in reality it is supposed to be an easier option.

      Those espadrilles are awesome. I had a pair of close toed ones sort of like that in red many years ago. The sole split somehow and I had to get rid of them even though I attempted to glue them back together unsuccessfully. It was a sad day.

      I feel like I am too practical as well. I see the same fashion bloggers posting the same shoe in several different colours/styles/prints and I don’t feel jealous, I feel a little uncomfortable at the waste and excessiveness.

      I hope you are having a good time with your company.


  2. i also feel y’all’s pain regarding exchanges/refunds! it’s especially frustrating if you do the majority of your shopping online. i agree with you though, it seems like the norm back in the day used to be to just do an exchange/refund and dealing with the difference. there’s definitely a long drag time waiting for credits and payments to post and it can interfere with your daily expenses.

    i am considering saving for a really nice handbag, like a saint laurent or a mulberry. i wouldn’t make the same consideration for shoes. i’m way too hard on mine and i’d be afraid to scuff up a pair that equal one of my paychecks!

    • It’s annoying isn’t it? The money just got back in to my Paypal today. It probably won’t hit my bank account until Monday which will be 11 days after the return.

      A nice handbag would be lovely to have as well. I just have trouble setting aside money for a purchase like that when I start thinking of all the other great life experiences I can save for. Experiences seem to win every time. Maybe someday though 🙂


  3. Hello again, I just had to share these chunky heeled mules. I could definitely see me in these @http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-otis-chunky-mules/prd/7209608?iid=7209608&clr=Black&SearchQuery=&cid=20253&pgesize=17&pge=1&totalstyles=53&gridsize=3&gridrow=1&gridcolumn=1. Cheers, Ardith

    • Those are fabulous! I had a pair early similar (except closed heel) back around 1996. I wore them with my school uniform.

      I kind of feel like I need a leopard flat in my wardrobe now. I am keeping my eyes open for the right pair but have yet to find them. The hunt is on though.


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