What to Pack For Venice Italy Outfit Options


What to Wear in Venice Italy Outfit Options 1-10 #packinglight #travellight #travel #travelcapsule #whattowear111

Outfit 1 – Tank | Leather Jacket | Black Pants | Purse | Boots
Outfit 2 – Wrap Blouse | Cropped Jeans | Sunglasses | Crossbody | Mules
Outfit 3 – Striped Shirt | Dark Denim | Blazer/Cardigan | Purse | Boots
Outfit 4 – Black Dress | Hat | Crossbody | Sneakers
Outfit 5 – Blue Dress | Purse | Mules
Outfit 6 – Black Blouse | Black Jeans | Sunglasses | Purse | Mules
Outfit 7 – White T-shirt | Sweater | Cropped Jeans | Crossbody | Sneakers
Outfit 8 – Grey Long Sleeve | Dark Denim | Scarf | Purse | Boots
Outfit 9 – Black Dress | Blazer/Cardigan | Purse | Mules
Outfit 10 – Blue Dress | Leather Jacket | Crossbody | Boots

The cold that I thought I was fighting off earlier in the week decided to hit me full force on Thursday with a fever and coughing. I have been an epic cougher since I was a child. I have even had to get off buses way before my stop because I am coughing so bad that it gets super embarrassing and people think I have some contagious disease(true story, multiple occasions). So I try to stay out of public as much as possible during the worst of it. I’m glad there isn’t a heck of a lot on my plate Thursday and Friday.

I did manage to finish this post though which is good. These are the outfit options to my What to Pack for Venice, Italy 3 week list. I put together 20 outfits from the pieces but there is room to make many more depending on the weather and activities. I know I always say it, but I think this list may be one of my favourites. I would love to have every piece in my wardrobe.

And with that I am going to sign off in hopes that the kids will go to bed and I can get some sleep. Have a great weekend guys!

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What to Wear in Venice Italy Outfit Options 11-20 #packinglight #travellight #travel #travelcapsule #whattowear

Outfit 11 – White T-shirt | Blazer/Cardigan | Black Pants | Purse | Boots
Outfit 12 – Black Tank | Cropped Jeans | Leather Jacket | Crossbody | Mules
Outfit 13 – Wrap Blouse | Dark Denim | Scarf | Purse | Boots
Outfit 14 – Black Dress | Black Sweater | Hat | Crossbody | Sneakers
Outfit 15 – Blue Dress | Blazer/Cardigan | Purse | Boots
Outfit 16 – Striped Shirt | Black Pants | Crossbody | Mules
Outfit 17 – Grey Long Sleeve | Cropped Jeans | Sunglasses | Crossbody | Sneakers
Outfit 18 – Black Blouse | Dark Denim | Leather Jacket | Purse | Boots
Outfit 19 – Black Dress | Leather Jacket | Purse | Boots
Outfit 20 –Black Sweater | Black Pants | Hat | Scarf | Crossbody | Mules



  1. Hope you feel better very soon, Sara. I’ve been having fun with a cold/stomach flu combo for well over a week now, so you have my empathy. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith, I feel horrible but I consider myself lucky since this is the first illness I have had for quite a while. The unfortunate thing is Tom is working out of town so I can’t tag team him to take care of the kids. Thank god they aren’t babies and need my undivided attention anymore though. It makes things easier to an extent.


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