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T-shirt • Mango | Striped Tee • J.Crew | Dressy Top • Mango | Peasant Top • H&M | Drapey Top • Mango OutletPullover • H&M | Light Jacket • LE3NO | Short Dress • J.Crew | Midi Dress • Mango |
Cropped Wide Leg Pants • TopshopCigarette Jeans • Mango | Dark Denim • Mango | Light Scarf • Mango Outlet | Hat • Brixton | Sunglasses • Quay | Sneakers • Converse | Slip-ons • Michael Kors | Ballet Flats • Yosi Samra | Purse Matt & Nat | Crossbody • Asos

It’s Wednesday and I’m still sick. I know I keep mentioning it but I feel like ass and I will stop complaining about that when I get better 😉 I have had an influx of requests over the last two months and I am trying to catch up on as many as I can. Sometimes the requests are pretty basic with a general idea of what to pack, other times people include their style and clothing preferences to guide me. This request is for quite a niche market, it is for 10 days in Phoenix, Arizona in March (before it gets insanely hot) for a woman who needs some sun coverage because of sensitivities and prefers flats. The gist behind the colour theme is to go with her favourite team the Seattle Mariners’ (who are the reason for the trip) with the colours of northwest green, navy, white, and silver. The trip revolves around watching games, dinners, and just a general fun time hanging out with friends.

I tried my best to pull these colours together in a way that wasn’t too over the top head to toe. Phoenix in March has an average temperature of the mid to high 20’s °C (75-82°F) and lows of 11-13°C (51-55°F) and this list should cover that mostly. If the forecast leans towards more lows you may want to trade some pieces in for longer sleeves and/or more sweaters and a heavier scarf. But on average this list should work well. Outfit options will be in the next post.

I hope I was able to do your request justice and that you have a great time!

*the striped dress is knee length which may not work during the day with the sun sensitivities but it would work in the evening with is why I included it as an option.

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  1. Very cute clothes and nice color mix for this type of weather. I’ve been to Arizona a few times, so I can say with confidence that you’ve chosen well. And LOL at your still feeling “like ass.” I feel the same. It totally sucks. The past few days I wake up feeling OK, but within an hour it’s back to ass time. Take care, Ardith

    • Haha! Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a rough one and it seems to have taken down Roo now too so she has spent the last two days pretty much in bed. I miss the days where I could spend them recuperating in bed. Out of desperation I made the mistake of taking cough medicine last night that isn’t kids and I still feel the effects today which isn’t fun. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. This is perfect! I too am headed to mariners spring training on Thursday and juggling my packing. While this post is older it suits my need to a T! Thanks!

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