What I Wore This Week

What I wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore

What I wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore

What I wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore

What I wore this week #ootd #wiw #whatiwore

Outfit 1: Blazer • H&M (similar) | T-shirt • Urban Outfitters |  Jeans • Zara (similar)
Outfit 2: Gold Sweater • H&M (similar) | Jeans • H&M
Outfit 3: Peasant Blouse • Zara | Jeans • H&M (similar) | Boots • Winners (similar)
Outfit 4: Band Tee • Brandy Melville | Jacket • Thrifted (similar) | Pants • H&M | Shoes • Converse

We made an exciting purchase today, we bought a new vacuum. Our old one decided it was going thing to spit the dirt out the back as I sucked it up which was really fun and seriously slows progress. I stuffed an old sock into the place the dirt was coming out of and it kind of worked as a temporary fix, but we were in the market for a new one. I also told Tom that if he bought me one for Christmas then he would be finding elsewhere to live 😉 Many, many years ago when we were dating he borrowed my disc man (without asking) when he was rollerblading and ended up dropping it and breaking it. He said he would buy me a new one to replace it since I used it everyday when I was walking to and from work 40 minutes each way. It just so happened that it was around my birthday so he bought me my replacement as a “birthday” gift. I’m sure I sound like an asshole but I was pissed that he used that as a way to replace it when he owed me one anyway. It’s like “Happy Birthday! Here is a replacement for the disc man I borrowed with asking and broke.” He kind of notoriously does that so I warned him this year that you don’t buy your wife a vacuum for Christmas unless she specifically asked for one which I did not. I could have lived with it for a bit longer (as long as the sock plugged the hole) he was the one pushing for a new one. Anyway, the new vacuum, it’s smaller, a Bissell, and lime green/grey. It’s good.

And that’s my ungrateful story of the day 😉

Note: I added a currently wearing/shop Instagram page to the blog. I get a lot of questions of where something is from on Instgram, you can’t post imbedded links on there and since a lot of my stuff is older I have to search for newer/similar items for people so it makes sense to have that info on one page. Also, I am trying to find plus size options where I can for those that asked that as well which will be included with each photo too when I can (it’s a work in progress). I am also looking for a new blog template. It’s time for an upgrade so if you know of any good sites that offer them for a reasonable price that would be great. Have a great week!

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  1. Ha Ha, Sara, I hear you with the domestic product as gift/romantic misstep maneuver. My first serious boyfriend actually gave me an iron for my birthday one year. As if!

    We actually had our little stick vacuum—that I’d had for years and love for our bare floors—go bye bye about two weeks ago. The top handle actually broke off. Plus, I’ve not been able to find replacement filters for it, so I bought an inexpensive version from Walmart. I love it. It works beautifully, is not noisy, and received very high ratings. It comes in three parts, so that you can use it as a hand vac as well. I envision having to replace it sooner than the other one, but for $19 I can handle that.

    Hope you and the family are enjoying the holiday season. We’re decorated, at least inside. We finally have a tree, a faux one we’ve been wanting for three years, so we’re happy.

    Cheers, Ardith

    • Ha! I’m not sure I’d appreciate an iron either 😉 I don’t even know the last time I used one. I can’t believe you paid $19 dollars! We got ours at Walmart too but it cost $129. I shouldn’t have sent Tom in without me because he doesn’t bargain shop.
      I think we are mostly decorated. I’d like a few more things to make it more festive around here. I have to take the girls boot shopping tomorrow because there is snow in the forecast, so maybe we will find a few more decorations then.


      • Hope you find cool boots and the decor items you’re looking for, and that you have fun with it all.

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