What to Pack for Lisbon, Portugal Two Weeks Packing Light

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Tank/Cami • H&M | T-shirt • Mango | Blouse • Mango | Striped Shirt • H&M | Long Sleeve • Mango |
Pullover • Topshop | Blazer • H&M | Cardigan • Uniqlo | Shirt Dress • H&M | Black Dress • H&M |
Shorts • Madewell | Denim • Gap | Black Pants • Mango | Bathing Suit • Topshop | Hat • Nordstrom |
Scarf • Nordstrom | Sunglasses • J.Crew | Flats • SoludosSneakers • Nike | Sandals • Dolce Vita | Tote • Urban Code | Crossbody • Marc B |

So I had a super fun experience today. I mentioned a long time ago that I walk everywhere and have one of those little compactable shopping carts that I use to tote the groceries home. Well today while I was bringing home a million pounds of groceries and stuff the effing wheel sheared off. To top it off Merle was running ahead and slipped and skidded her knees which caused an abundance of tears and drama. Plus I left my phone at home so I couldn’t even call 911 when I thought my arm was going to fall off from supporting the back-end of the cart to compensate for the lost wheel 😉  I don’t think I have ever walked that slow in my life.

This is probably going to be the last packing list of 2016 so I went for a warmer, sunnier destination since it’s the first day of winter. I was going to do a beach/resort vacation but I am not much of a beach person. Tom is, he’d pack up and move to a tropical paradise in a heartbeat if he could. I’m not really in to hot weather or laying on a beach. We are very much opposites in our ideal vacation ideas.

When we went to Barbados he didn’t tell me until we arrived that if I see a coconut on the ground do not touch it because there are centipedes as long as from your elbow to your fingers that like to climb into the fallen ones. If he would have told me beforehand I would have refunded my ticket (kind of kidding). I really, really dislike bugs. Especially huge ones which tend to live in the warmer climates. I’m a bug wimp.

I chose Lisbon because it is a popular vacation destination especially to those who live in other European countries. It’s gloriously sunny and quite temperate. And because it is a port city for cruises you will often see tourist dressed very casually for their land excursions. Lisbon is also very hilly so some decent walking shoes are a good idea. Heels are not so good unless they are packed for a fancy dinner or outing. Also, don’t forget to bring a swimsuit because they have some lovely beaches. Many don’t realize that there are a lot of easily accessible beaches in the Lisbon area which are described in greater detail here.

Outfit options are found in this post.

We decided that we would start our Christmas holidays on Monday, so no school work means more free time to bake. The girls love baking and it’s surprisingly something they do without fighting (miracle), so we are going to spend the day tomorrow baking.

Merry almost Christmas guys! 

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  1. Merry Christmas, Sara, Tom, Roo, and Merle!

    So sorry about the effing wheel incident, that really sucks. Hopefully, lots of baking fun will erase the memory…and any resulting pain or soreness.

    Lisbon sounds like an excellent destination, now with the perfect travel wardrobe, with lots of fun things to wear. I really love those black pants and that pullover, the sandals.

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, that all the gifts are big hits. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith, same to you and your family.

      No soreness today, just annoyance every time I look at the broken cart 😉 we made about 6 dozen cookies today though so I call it a success.

      I hope the gifts are a success too! I’m really excited to see their reactions.


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