What I Wore This Week

Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket • Zara | Tie Sweatshirt • Zara (similar) | Jeans • H&M | Boots • Frye | Purse • Zara |
Outfit 2 – SweaterJacketPurse • Zara
Outfit 3 – Jacket • Zara | Cardigan • Zara | Jeans • H&M  | Shoes • Adidas | Purse • Zara
Outfit 4 – Army Jacket • Thrifted (similar) | Striped shirt • Everlane | Jeans • H&M
Outfit 5 – Coat • Zara (similar) | Floral shirt • H&M (similar) | Jeans • H&M | Boots • DSW (similar)

Well, it looks like the predictions are true and we will be getting a lot more snow than last years low amount because it is currently snowing an assload. I’m so glad I went out and bought the girls their snow boots last week, and while I did we stopped at Value Village and I found a pair of Sorels for $25 in my size that looked like they were never worn. That’s a pretty good score since I was prepared to fork over the $150+ that they are.

Merle’s birthday is this week and she wants to go to either the Ontario Science Centre or the Royal Ontario Museum for the day which is fine with me since it’s been a while since we have been to either. Last time we went to the museum she was so little that she ran into the glass of a display when she got super excited. It knocked her flat on her ass which was both hilarious and sad at the same time. At least it will be a weekday when we go so the crowds should be minimal. I hate it when the crowds are so thick you almost get ushered through it by the mobs of people.

I spent 4 hours wrapping presents the other night and I’m still not done but I ran out of paper. I also realized how much I actually suck at wrapping. I’m really not very good at it and several of them are patched with various pieces of paper when I cut the wrong size. I’m still waiting for 5 things to arrive in the mail though and I hope to shit they arrive on time. I don’t know how people wait until the last-minute and not need anxiety meds 😉

I think my Ancestry DNA kit will arrive this week so I look forward to posting about that later. I hope you have a great week!

Do you suck at wrapping presents too? I even tried that Japanese gift wrapping trick but I still failed. 

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  1. Great outfits all around, Sara. I especially love the second one with that distressed sweater (I also love the flared short pants + high ankle boots they show with it on the Zara site).

    To answer you question, I used to be really good with present wrapping. Nowadays I put my efforts into decorating. Here’s the link to my related pinboard @ https://www.pinterest.com/aesthetix/my-french-industrial-lodge/.

    I’m very glad you and the girls have proper winter boots to both navigate the snow and look really cool. Cheers, Ardith

    • I really like those flared shorts pants too but once again they aren’t short pants on me and to get them to be you lose half the flare. I wish they offered their jeans with different inseams.

      I love, love, love your home. It reminds me of my parents house which is from the 1920’s and beautifully built. Everything is so warm and welcoming and with the Christmas decorations it adds to that. I need to work on mine desperately. I can stand in the kitchen doorway and do one panoramic camera shot and capture the whole thing so there isn’t a lot of room to work with but I really need to start bit by bit. 🙂 I’d love to paint in here to get everything white because I think it would make the rooms look larger but since we rent I don’t overly feel like jumping through hoops to gain permission. White walls is a must in our next rental (which I am kind of hoping is sooner rather than later but I want to stay in the area, at least for now).


      • Wow, Sara, thank you!

        I hear you about white walls. Many of the walls in our new home are how they were painted when we moved in. Especially in the living room, I’d like to paint at least one wall, in not all, a warm shade of white. We’re just still having to focus on repairs and replacements…like the vanity top and faucet we need to replace in the master bath. So, painting is definitely on the to do list. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get to move to a more ideal rental sooner than later.

        Cheers, Ardith

  2. You have the cosiest sweaters! I love that floral blouse as well. I get really excited buying wrapping paper and having a theme, but I totally suck at wrapping the end bits. I almost always default to a gift bag and tissue paper nowadays! How do your sorel boots fit? I’ve been looking at the out n about and tofino styles but reviews are kind of all over the place in regards to size and durability.

    • Thanks! It’s important to stock up on sweaters here because it is cold/cool from October to May so I need enough of a variety 😉 It seems I just can’t win with the wrapping, my skill hasn’t improved in all my years. I found out recently that it rapidly declines when I am drinking wine, which surprised my because my lego building skills improve with wine.

      The Sorels are the Caribou model which has a leather upper and rubber lower half. They are actually a men’s size 6 which equates to the women’s’ 8 that I normally wear so I can only comment on that sizing. I assume though that because the 6 fit me (which is the size I wear in mens style shoes) then that would mean the women’s fit right as well. I have worn them out over the last few days because of all the snow we have received recently and they are probably the best boots I have ever had. The traction is great, they are warm, and I can tell they will be quite durable. I have read a lot of reviews that lean towards a slightly small fit, so I don’t know if the sizing gets messed up because of the liners but if you can find them in half sizes (I know the Sorel shop has them) then it might be worth it to go up a 1/2 size.


  3. i have like, a wall full of sweaters, but i’m just in a rut where it all looks blah. lmfao, i found out i’m an amazing jenga player after drinking cheap champagne and pop rocks, wonders never cease!

    thank you so much for the feedback on the sorely and the great tip! i wear the same size shoe as you, i will definitely look into the men’s size, because a lot of the women’s styles seem to run on the smaller size.

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