What to Pack for Cambodia Packing Light

Cambodia is one of those destinations that can have completely different packing requirements depending on the activities you plan on doing. This list is more for if you are staying in the cities and/or at the beach resorts. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the jungles (because Cambodia has some amazing things to see in the jungles)  you will need to pack accordingly.

Pants that can zip off, in a quick dry breathable fabric is a good start, long sleeve shirts with ventilated zips, hiking/jungle footwear, and if it is the rainy season then some leech socks are a good idea, along with mosquito spray, sun/rain protection gear, and anti malarial pills.

For now I am going to focus on more of a beach style vacation. Cambodia is a little more modest than many hot weather destinations in some regards so plan accordingly. It is really hot no matter what time of year you go, but this request is for a December trip which is slightly less hot and not during the rainy season.

Lighter, breathable fabrics is important like linen. Loose, flowy styles will be more comfortable, or long sleeves/pants covering the skin from the mid-day sun . A sun hat and sarong are good beach protection and a sarong can double as a beach blanket as well. Bringing a lightweight scarf to keep in your purse can work as sun protecter, and as a shawl to cover your shoulders when entering temples or buildings that require it. It is easy to keep in your purse and throw over your shoulders if you are wearing a sundress or tank.

You could probably get away with two pairs of shoes, (a trekking sandal, and a dressier espadrille) but I decided to also include a slide because they are an easy beach footwear options. Another good style to bring instead would be a pair of flip-flops, because everyone wears them there and they are easy. I included a cardigan mainly for wearing on the plane where it can get cold. If you don’t feel you will need it just omit it. This list is for 6 days and outfit options will be in the next post.

Have you ever been to Cambodia?

*Most of the items in this list are from Mango. I was asked to include as many as I could because it is the one online store that ships to her location.

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