Fall/Winter Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Business Casual

fall/winter workwear capsule business casual #capsule #workwear #capsulewardrobe #workwardrobeT-shirt • H&M | Striped Shirt • L.L. Bean | White Blouse • H&M | Print Shirt • Mango |
Long Sleeve • Mango | Print Blouse • Mango | Cardigan • J. Crew Factory |
Black Sweater • H&MGrey Sweater • Mango | Turtleneck Sweater • Mango |
Blazer • H&M | Skirt • L.L. Bean | Jeans • H&M | Black Pants • H&M | Wool Trousers • Mango |
Dress Pants • Mango | Print Dress • Sugarhill Boutique | Coloured Dress • Mango |
Wool Coat • MangoBlack Boots • Office | Wedges • Franco Sarto | Flats • Asos |
Heels • Aerosoles| Neutral Tote • Century 21 | Black Tote • Marks and Spencer |

I was asked if I could put together some fall/winter business casual workwear outfits to give some inspiration, so this weeks list is a fall/winter workwear capsule wardrobe. I thought it would be a better idea to break it down into what pieces I would include and then make outfits based on those pieces like with the packing lists. That way it’s easy to see what pieces you have that are similar or that you already own and what type of things you might want to add. If you refer to my A Simple Teacher Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps I give you a quick way to go through your clothes to see what you have that will be suitable for work and what you may need to add/substitute/or buy. It’s the easiest and most inexpensive way to build a work wardrobe.

I didn’t include bright colours because that is a preference of mine and I find it easier to make everything match if I follow a basic colour palette. But it would be very easy to build a more colourful wardrobe or add some colour with scarves, accessories, shoes. Even a bright blouse, sweater or blazer will add a nice burst of colour. This list is for fall so I obviously  picked heavier knit sweaters, wool pants, and a wool jacket. Not included in this list is the rest of your winter gear like hats, scarves, gloves, and boots. When I was working in a professional environment I still walked and used public transport to work. This meant that I had to wear my winter boots and pack my heels/dress boots in my bag and switch over at work. It is a pain and doesn’t usually look very cute, but it is a common practice because  a) It stops you from falling on your ass in winter and b) saves your work shoes from being destroyed by slush and snow.

I’m going to pair these in to outfits for the next post. I hope it gives some inspiration.

What are your favourite fall/winter work pieces?

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  1. Thank you so much Sara! I already have some of these pieces, and will definitely be picking up a number of ones you suggested. I can’t wait to see how you pair everything together.

  2. I’ve been hoping to find work capsule ideas for the cooler climate! I can identify with carrying shoes to work and walking in the slush and snow! Also, layering and bundling up for the commute to work…..then overheating at the office. Good times.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how you put the outfits together.

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