What to Wear on a 4 Day Fall Getaway

What to Wear on a 4 Day Fall Getaway 10 Outfit Options #travellight #packinglight #traveltips #travel

Striped Shirt • Boden | White Blouse • Boden | Embroidered Pullover • Mango |
Black Oversized Sweater • MangoWrap/Cape • Cuyana | Jeans • Mango | Black Pants • H&M |
Black Dress • MangoTrench • Uniqlo | Scarf • H&M | Tote • Calvin Klein | Clutch • Matt & Nat |
Lipstick • Givenchy | Sneakers • Adidas | Black Flats • Vaneli | Leopard Heels • J.Crew

This post gives the outfit options for the What to Pack on a 4 Day Fall Getaway from last post. The list was by request for some ideas on what to wear on a 4 day fall getaway that includes a birthday and an outdoor wedding. I put together 9 regular mix and match outfits from the 8 pieces of clothing and one dressy wedding outfit. At this time of the year, wearing sweaters and a light jacket will be warm and comfortable enough for everyday wear. Two bottoms, two tops, two sweaters, two shoes, and one jacket are the pieces I picked for the main wardrobe. With the bottoms I chose one denim and one pair of waxed black pants. The wax coating gives them a leather look without the heat or expense of leather pants. You may prefer two pairs of jeans or a skirt and pants as your bottom options instead, I just find that black is easy to dress up in  a pinch. Whatever works best with your style is what you should bring.

Since this wedding they will be attending is an outdoor wedding in the fall, then planning an outfit that will be warm as well as fashionable and wedding appropriate took some thought.  I figured that a black dress is always acceptable and versatile, and instead of wearing a jacket, a nice wool wrap will be both chic and comfortable. I chose the leopard print flats because they accent the wrap and add a nice touch to the outfit and the colours reflect autumn. While the trip is only for 4 days you can easily go for longer with the above options.

I hope I was able to ease some of your packing woes with these suggestions. I hope you have a great time 🙂 

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