What to Pack for Germany and Austria

I’m going to start this off with saying that I think I broke my toe last night on our ottoman. I’m prone to stubbing my toe but man did it ever hurt. My baby toe immediately swelled up like a little grape and within 30 minutes the top of my foot running towards the toes was purple. Even the blanket lying on it last night was painful. Today I have hobbled around the house with the girls Gandalf wizard stick. I’m sure I will look cute walking down the street with it 😉

Back to business. Every so often I like to go back to an old packing list and update it with new suggestions. With how fast retail changes over seasons and stock, so many items get sold out and people will often message me asking if I know where they can find anything like the sold out item.

I got an email about my Vienna, Austria packing list from last April. It was from a woman in her 50’s who is going on a Danube River Christmas Market Cruise in November and wanted to know if I had an updated list. I told her that I would try to pull as many updated items as I could and email her. I decided it would be better to put together a whole new post for her so she can have the visual guidance as well. I tried to follow a similar colour theme and style as the original.

A Danube River Cruise to see all the Christmas Markets is on my bucket list. Christmas is my favourite time of year and to experience the markets that have been there for centuries would be amazing. While November isn’t in the middle of winter the weather can be quite chilly, especially being on the water so a nice weather appropriate jacket and layers are important.

Several sweaters, pants, leggings/tights to wear under dresses, and a scarf or two. I decided to include a wool hat in this list because it can be more dressy but I would probably bring a knit hat as well, it wouldn’t take up much room. Jeans in a darker wash are very versatile, and any pair of black pants in a cut and fabric that works best on your body and is your style. I tend to lean towards a very straight or skinny cut because I like the ease of tucking them into boots. Don’t forget your gloves or mittens. Outfit Options will be in the next post.

Have you ever been on a Christmas Market Cruise? What was it like? 

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    • Thanks. I saw it coming too in a weird slow motion “oh shit” moment. It’s pretty black and blue but I am hoping it’s just a sprain.

      • Yikes. I just checked online about symptoms of a broken toe: pain, swelling, stiffness, bruising, deformity, and difficultly walking. Have you taped it to its neighbor toe, to immobilize it while it heals (assuming there is not much swelling)? FYI, love this travel wardrobe you’ve put together. Cheers, Ardith

        • Yeah it definitely hurts. Swelling is down, bruising is fading, but it’s painful to walk so it’s more of a limp unless I have a cart to lean on 😉 I had it taped to the other toe but it was hurting more so I wrapped it separate with tape and gauze. I wanted to give it cushion because I keeping banging it, probably because I am trying hard not too ???? I am hoping to get back to some kind of mild exercise this week because I’m feeling too sedate.

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