What I Wore This Week

What I Wore #ootd

What I Wore #ootd

What I Wore #ootd

What I Wore #ootd

Tank • H&M | Jeans (top pic) • H&M | Hat • Value Village (similar) |
Scarf/shawl • Value Village (similar) | Purse • Urban Outfitters (similar) | Striped Tank • Express (similar) |
Blazer • H&M (similar) | Jeans (2nd pic) • Gap | Slip-ons • Vans | Maxi Dress • Zara (similar) |
Leather Jacket • Zara | Converse | Crossbody • Urban Outfitters | Blouse • H&M |
Jean Shorts • H&M (similar) | Sandals • Etsy

I caved and wore shorts. I never wear shorts and these almost went out with the last purge, but I decided to hold on to them for summer and see how often I wore them. There have been a few bloody hot days so I said screw it. Since we walk so much it is a lot more comfortable in the heat to wear shorts while towing my grocery cart (yes we have one of those wheeled carts to tote groceries/packages home). I don’t know how often I will wear them but I think I will hold on to them for now.

Today (Sunday) was release day for the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book. It’s been a countdown for this day since Roo (my oldest) heard about it so it was an early start to walk over there. It was kind of cool since the book store decorated Harry Potter themed for this day, even the attached Starbucks renamed itself The Leaky Cauldron. I love how much Harry Potter is part of her life and how much joy it brings her. I will encourage this obsession as long as she will let me.

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My 37th birthday is this Saturday. It’s funny how excited you get for your birthday when you are a kid and how much you dread it when you are an adult (and how sometimes you can’t even remember how old you are turning and you have to search one of those “how old am I” counters online). I am thinking of buying myself a beautiful Russian Shawl to celebrate because they have become my new fixation. I have searched online and came across a few sites that sell them, but am having a hard time making a decision. I am one of those people that over think it and end up buying one and then wanting the other one when I do. I do every single time. The most I can narrow down my decision is that I want a black background with bright floral but then I also like the red, but there is still like 9 million to choose from and. Maybe I’ll make a post asking for opinions later 😉

Have you ever forgot how old you were turning?

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  1. You always look great! I’d go black with floral. But to answer your question: I have never forgotten how old I am but I really kept counting on my fingers as I approached 50 because it didn’t seem possible! Last year was 51 and I still said 50. Just turned 52 and I’m calling it what it is!

    • Thank you! Black with floral is probably what I will go with because I am sure I will wish I did if I don’t. Maybe a different colour somewhere down the line if I get a lot of use out of it. I thought I was turning 38 then realized my friend whom I have known for 25 years just celebrated her 37th and she is a few months older than me so I breathed a sigh of relief 😉

  2. Hi Sara,

    True that about birthdays. I now look at them as a chance to indulge in something sweet, like an ice cream sundae. Or, an opportunity to celebrate/add to a well-rounded capsule wardrobe.

    Happy new Harry Potter book, Roo. Sounds like it was a great day for celebration.

    As for your Russian shawl pursuit, Sara, I had one years ago that I loved. It was black with a floral print. At one point I used it as a window valance. I wonder what happened to it? I just did a search and came across this beauty @ http://en.dawanda.com/product/35099393-russian-scarf-anna-trendy-shawl-by-a-la-russe. I absolutely love the print and the colors.



    • That’s so funny! I had an African woven blanket/shawl that I used as a window cover years ago and I haven’t seen it in ages. I wonder what the hell I did with it? That shawl you linked is gorgeous! I have like 10 tabs open on my computer with a different shawl on each. I keep going back to this one here though (the black one but the red is also beautiful)
      I totally suck at decisions when the options this varied.

      Roo finished the book that night (well, she stayed up until 2 reading it in order to finish it) and is reading it again so see if she missed anything. She’s so much like me sometimes it’s makes me laugh.


      • Oh wow, that shawl is beautiful, Sara. I’d be happy with either the black or red version.

        Meanwhile, I totally scored at the local thrift store yesterday. I have a business meeting tomorrow—a client and the client’s client—and wanted to find something new to wear. I found no less than three jackets (including a lightweight black Zara peacoat style plus a fitted, short brown Banana Republic). As an added bonus, I found a blue tie-dyed maxi (but not too long) a-line skirt, and a midi denim skirt. I’m so happy.

        Glad to hear Roo is that happy with her book. I love being able to get lost in reading like that. I’ve probably read In Search of Shakespeare at least six times.

        So, do you have plans for your birthday yet?



  3. What is that purse you’re wearing? I didn’t like the Urban Outfitters.

    • Hi Karmela,

      The black purse? It’s from Urban Outfitters too but is sold out. It’s called The Silence + Noise Zip Front Moto Shoulder Bag. I haven’t seen it new anywhere online recently but you may be able to find it used on some sites if you Google it’s name.


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