Tis the Season for some New Underwear

Weird Title? Bear with me and I will get to that in a minute, but you need the back story first which is that I am having trouble adjusting my financial mindset. Where we were 5 years ago and where we are today are two totally different worlds. Five years ago we were on the verge of needing to use the food bank and today while we aren’t rolling in it, the anxiety and depression over how we are going to pay bills isn’t constantly on the forefront of our minds. Five years ago Tom and his mother decided to shut down their goldsmith shop that had been a family business for many years. (hard decision but a dying trade in the land of box stores). He went on to a brief interlude (several years actually) in the music industry but in life it felt like we were continually beating a dead horse and we needed a change. Through friends and connections he found a job in the tv/film industry and his hard work has finally paid off over the last year or so.

Even though we can’t be frivolous with money, if we need something we can afford it (within reason obviously because this is an expensive city) but I am still having issues letting go of the purse strings. I went to get dressed the other day and when I was putting on my underwear (tmi) I almost ripped the effing waistband off just by pulling them up. My fingers ripped right through the fabric. This has happened to 4 other pairs, most of them are in a sad state.

The same week I was drying off after my shower and tore my towel almost completely in half. There is about 3 inches of frayed fabric holding it together. I’m not kidding. Apparently I dry off too vigorously. I haven’t bought new towels or underwear in years. YEARS. I’m serious. I think the towel is from college. Don’t quote me on that but it’s pink and I bought lots of pink things back then. Even my hair was white blonde and pink.

Rustic Shelves via Home and Cottage

Photo via Home and Cottage
And while I would love a beautiful zen shelf full of expensive, fluffy towels like the above photo I will settle for  some colourful ones from Ikea that I can buy for under $10.

These things don’t rank high on my necessity scale so they never get replaced. My underwear drawer is not sexy, and my linen closet is a mish-mash of a million different colours of towels in different conditions (I actually don’t even have a linen closet. Sheets and towels are in my closet because I have the big one). This is the mindset I am talking about though. I know that I needed to replace old items but I could never justify it buying them. Something else always seemed like it was more important and got precedence. I figured if they still did the job then there was no need to replace them,  and I say that with all honesty as I sit here wearing holey underwear. I have accepted that it is time for an upgrade.

Does anyone else have the same issue or am I alone in old underwear and ratty towels? 😉 

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  1. It is time to invest in new underwear, and in new towels. We know you know how to shop wisely! You find affordable and stylish clothing and accessories all the time!

    • Bah. I know 🙁 And here comes my annoying thought process that I was describing in the post. I homeschool my girls and now that it’s almost start of the new year I have to buy the rest of the curriculum (which can be expensive). See what I mean that something always comes up that takes precedence? I think I am my own worst enemy most days.

      Thanks for encouragement 🙂

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! I definitely need an undie upgrade as well. I feel your pain with the disintegrating waistbands 🙂
    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and love it! As I teacher I have been most recently inspired by your teacher capsule wardrobe. I sure wish we had a Mango store near me, or I just need bite the bullet and try the online shopping thing. But being almost 6 ft tall I really need to try things on and I hate the hassle of doing the returns. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh man, I have the same struggle with underwear, towel, jeans, etc. I stocked up on good new undies and still can’t bring myself to get rid on the old ones!! ARGH!

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