Value Village Haul for June

Value Village Haul #thrifting #findthefind #valuevillage

I said I would try to do a monthly purchase post every month when I bought new items for my wardrobe. I didn’t buy anything new in June so I decided to show my Value Village haul instead. We try to thrift shop once a week since their turnover is so great and there are always new things to go through every time awe go. If we get up and out the door early enough we drive around trying to hit as many as we can (which is a lot because there are more than a dozen in a reasonable driving distance that we can hit). I don’t usually find a lot of clothes in thrift stores, but I always seem to find some little stuff for the house that I like.

  1. Wool/felt hat – This one is old, well-made and never appears to have been used. It’s a man’s hat but I have a big head so it fits, and is smoke grey with a black band. It’s the only wardrobe item I bought. $6
  2. I like weird things. This is a stash box disguised as an old book. It is made from wood and felt lined. The image on the front is a copy of a medieval painting of St. George the Victorious (AD 275–281 to 23 April 303). I love things like this. Four years ago we were right at the worst we ever were financially. We were so broke that, that Christmas I decided to make the girls as many of their gifts that I could. As much as I hate sewing, I can do it so I pulled out my machine I hadn’t used in ages and went searching about for inexpensive fabric or things that can be pulled apart to use as fabric and got to work. I made dolls, doll clothes, masks, clothes, cloud decorations for their room (used this as a guide but made my own pattern), and a clubhouse. One of the only items I didn’t sew was a stash box I made for Roo like the one above, but I made it from an old copy of her favourite book (Prisoner of Azkaban) by following these instructions. It was tedious but it turned out really well. She still has it and uses it so I guess it was well worth the time and effort. $2.50
  3. Berlitz Self-Teacher Italian version from 1950. I collect language learning books and I am always on the look out for old editions because the older ones always seem like they are the most thorough. $1.29
  4. A set of 5 cafeteria style sectioned glass plates. Now I don’t have to hear “I can’t eat that, it’s touching” anymore. Anything that makes life a little easier 😉 $5 for all 5
  5. A Hamilton Beach drink/milkshake mixer. You know, because I need the excuse to make a milkshake. I love the retro colour and the way it looks on the counter top. It also works well as a bribery tool. “Clean your room and I will make you a milkshake” works every time. $6.99

Grand Total: $21.28

Big spender.

Have you found any thrifting gems lately?

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  1. Love what you found. My husband use to use our milkshake maker, exactly like yours, to whip the eggs for scrambled eggs. They turn out exceptionally fluffy and delicious. Try it…????

    • Whoa! That’s a great idea! My eggs are never fluffy because I get tired of mixing them. I’m going to have to try that. Thanks!

  2. I’m so impressed you handmade all of those gifts! Someday, if they don’t already, the girls will greatly appreciate their custom toys and clothes.

    • Thanks Ardith. You do what you have to do to make it through right? There was a year in my own childhood that my mother made everything due to finances and it is the only year that I can remember absolutely everything that I got. Even when you are young those things stick with you.

      • I’ll admit that the playhouse was a bitch to make though 😉 Also super hard to make secretly in a small apartment.

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