Starter Teacher Capsule 40 Outfit Options

Outfits 1-10

Teacher Capsule What to Wear Outfits Options 1-10 #capsule #capsulewardrobe #whattowear #teacherwardrobe

Camisole • Mango | T-shirt • H&M | Striped Shirt • Mango | Black Shirt • Mango |
Long Sleeve • Mango | Print Blouse • Mango | Black Blouse • Mango | White Blouse • H&M |
Print Long Sleeve • Mango | V-neck Sweater • Mango | Cowl Neck • Mango |
Long Cardigan • H&M | Chunky Cardigan • Mango | Blazer • H&M | Pencil Skirt • H&M |
Midi Skirt • H&M | Culottes • Mango | Light Pants • Mango | Black Pants • Mango |
Trench • Mango | Wool Coat • Mango | Brown Purse • Steve Madden |
Black Purse • Gabriella Rocha | Scarf 1 • Steve Madden | Scarf 2 • Ones King Lane |
Scarf 3 • Betsey Johnson | Belt • Fossil | Black Boots • Topshop | Brown Boots • Timberland |
Print Flats • Dolce Vita | Black Flats • VANELi | Sandals • Sarto |

This page may take a bit to load because I have 4 large collages included on it. Each collage has 10 outfit options that I made from the pieces in my last post A Simple Teacher Capsule in 5 Steps.  So please be patient 🙂 I am doing this a slightly different way than I usually do. For my outfit posts I list the outfit numbers below each post and beside it include links to every piece in that outfit. This time I am going to just list all the pieces below with the stores they are from and include a picture widget at the bottom that will also directly link you to the items. It will cut down on confusion and repetition.

In the last post I gave 5 easy steps to build a capsule from as many pieces in your own closet that you can. This capsule is by request for a new teacher starting out. Simple, versatile, and budget friendly are the criteria and I tried really hard to stick with that.

Whenever I get stuck for inspiration my go-to place is Pinterest because you will always find someone who is way more creative than you are and you will be flooded with good ideas. I went and searched some items that I included in this capsule to find a few outfit examples that people are wearing. This is to help see how they truly look vs laid flat on my collages. Here are a few of them. Pin 1 | Pin 2Pin 3 | Pin 4Pin 5 | Pin 6Pin 7 | Pin 8Pin 9 | Pin 10Pin 11 | Pin 12Pin 13 |

I hope that some of these gave you inspiration.

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Outfits 11-20
Teacher Capsule What to Wear Outfit Options 11-20 #capsule #capsulewardrobe #whattowear #teacherwardrobe

Outfits 21-30

Teacher Capsule What to Wear Outfit Options 21-30 #capsule #capsulewardrobe #whattowear #teacherwardrobe

Outfits 31-40

Teacher Capsule What to Wear Outfit Options 31-40 #capsule #capsulewardrobe #whattowear #teacherwardrobe




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