What to pack for Spain and Italy

What to pack for Spain and Italy Packing List July #travel #travellight #packinglight #traveltipsTank • Madewell | T-shirt • J.Crew | Striped Shirt • Madewell | Peasant Blouse • Madewell |
Off Shoulder Top • Mango | Pullover • Madewell | Light Knit Sweater • Mango |
Light Jacket • H&M | Black Dress • H&M | Shirt Dress • H&M | Skirt • H&M | Dark Denim • Mango |
Casual Denim • H&M | Shorts • H&M | Bathing Suit • Boden | Hat • Madewell | Scarf • Shoptiques |
Sunglasses • Toms | Sandals • Madewell | Flats • H&M | Ankle Boots • Vince Camuto |
Tote • Elle & Jae | Crossbody • Azalea |

You know you are getting old when you are sitting calmly on the bed and then get up with an intense pain in your knee. It’s like my husband who hurt his back opening a beer which I found hilarious. I’ve always had minor knee pain in my right knee, (and by always I mean since I turned 30) especially when I exercise but I did something yesterday to irritate it and had to sit with it elevated for a couple of hours. It’s not as bad as yesterday but I definitely can’t exercise for a few more days. Like I need another excuse to skip a workout. There goes my bikini body for summer goal 😉

The packing list I put together this past weekend is another Instagram request. This time for a 3 week trip to Spain and Italy in July. Since the months of July and August are the hottest months for both Spain and Italy I tried to make to list reflect that, but also include things to layer for cooler evenings, and regions.

The two sweaters are both very lightweight enough that they are very versatile, and the light jacket is cotton and adds a cool casualness. I was indecisive between the skirt and a pair of wide leg black culottes. They looked too similar to include both so I went with the skirt. It would depend on what you are more comfortable wearing (I think I am leaning towards the culottes now though since I am a pant person).

I also really like those casual jeans and headed down to my local H&M to see if they had them today but I couldn’t. I’ll check back again next week when they get new stock. I also included a scarf that is large enough to wear as bathing suit cover, shawl, and scarf. Versatility saves space. Outfit options are in this post.

What is your favourite versatile piece you have? I love my leather jacket, I wear it with everything.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your previous packing lists. I particularly like when you make outfits–I’m looking forward to what you put together here. (It reminds me of playing with paper dolls.) I’ve been to Spain and Italy twice in spring and fall. The weather was a steady 25 to 35 C. I can imagine it will only get hotter in summer. I brought a similar packing list on those trips. However, with the heat and modest dress code in those countries, I think it would be a good idea to add another skirt and replace one pair of jeans with a lighter pant or capri/crop pant or legging. The shorts are only acceptable at the beach. She will get a lot of wear from the scarf, especially on the beach and in churches. And finally, the sandal and flat don’t look like sturdy walking shoes. I walked several miles every day in sandals and flats with better arch support and cushioned soles and my feet still hurt. Bon Voyage!

    • Thanks for the tips Tracey! I was thinking the shorts for the beach since they are so easy to toss over a swimsuit. I’m not a huge shorts person but I do often use them as a quick bathing suit cover.

      I mentioned that I was going to add culottes but didn’t because they were too similar to the skirt. It would be easy to add them or a nice linen pant for heat though. Or even a maxi skirt, it’s very easy to swap out my examples for things more suitable to another’s tastes. I have been on the hunt for a nice, loose, wide leg pant.

      As for the shoes, I generally include a sneaker as one of my pairs and this is a good idea especially if you need more arch support. I danced ballet for many years and my feet tend to be able to take more abuse than a lot of people but I definitely love a good, cute sneaker.

      I agree about the scarves. They are my favourite accessory and so easy to bring. They easily fit in your purse so you have it if you need to cover up. I love the simplicity of them.

      The outfit posts are like paper dolls! I worked in retail a million years ago and things always sold better if you put them on a mannequin in an outfit. People like to see how they can wear something. That is why I love doing these posts so much.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Buenos dias Sara,

    Hope that you are feeling better from your knee!
    Love this post and all of your post, since i discovered your pinterest i have been saving all your pins in my “Traveling light of clothes” pin board ,i just loved all of them. So today when you said that you did this “What to pack” as per a request, i just couldn’t be more happier! I will be going to Spain, at the end of the year with my boyfriend to meet his family and to explore a bit the country, this will be a 10 days trip. His family live in Benizar, an small town that is in located in Murcia. Can you help me with a “What to pack” for this trip? This will be my first time out of my country Dominican Republic, our weather is very warm and humid, so i do not want to overpack, unnecesary clothes. By the way, you are part of my inspiration, i am trying to live the minimalist lifestyle.

    Hope that you have a nice day!

    Marcia ♥

  3. Love this post! I’m going to Italy near the end of August, and although I’m not going for as long (my trip is 10 days), my current packing list looks pretty similar. I went to Greece last fall (with fewer items), and my biggest takeaway was: because of the humidity and heat, it would have been really nice to have an extra top or two–especially since they don’t take up much space.

    • Yes, humidity is a bitch! I hate the stifling feeling and the uncomfortable stickiness. A few extra shirts is always a good idea if you have the room. It sucks to have to wear clothes that you sweat through the previous day. Have a great trip!

  4. Thanks Sara and everyone else commenting. Lucky me – I’m off to Spain for September. Have no idea what to pack, I have a carry on, but struggling to pack light. I’m 40+ but like to look modern. I love your packing lists, but need to re-model for my age. Also I’m from Australia, so coming to grips with the no shorts thing, we are also in Winter here, so summer clothes are harder to come by. Thanks for the tips about scarves, quick question – are Birkenstocks acceptable? I know I will be walking a lot, but sneakers and skirts/dresses? Not sure about that – I can’t do ‘cute’ anymore. All help and advice acceptable. Thanks. xx

    • Birkenstocks are totally acceptable. I actually included them in my last packing list. They are very much back “in” now which makes me laugh because I got my first pair in 5th or 6th grade. I also wouldn’t totally dismiss shorts. In the super touristy areas where you will be doing a lot of walking, I guarantee a lot of people will be wearing shorts and you won’t feel you are commiting a taboo (obviously not churches or religious sites). While they are not as common in Italy, you are also seeing locals coming to and from work and regular daily tasks where they might not choose or have it be appropriate to wear shorts so it’s not the same as being on vacation. It wouldn’t hurt to have a pair with you just in case.

      If your not comfortable with sneakers and dresses/skirts how about a pair of oxfords, boat shoes, or loafers? You can find them in all kinds of comfortable soles now so they would work well for a lot of walking.

      Good luck with your packing and have a great trip!


      • P.S. You can always do cute. It’s not an age thing it’s a mindset 😉 I’m going to be 37 in a couple of weeks and I refuse to give up the cute.

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