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I love shopping online. It allows me to shop at my leisure, browse multiple stores at once (I always have a minimum of 15 tabs open at any given time), compare prices, find deals, and quick painless purchasing. I also try to buy from places that allow easy returns with good shipping fees.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop in stores but with Tom working such long hours, I don’t get free time to go and shop alone. I tend to feel bad dragging the kids with me and can never spend as much time in each store as I would like to because I am constantly looking to make sure that my youngest doesn’t disappear (she tends to wander if something catches her eye), so I generally stick to online.

The Canadian H&M doesn’t have online shopping so I actually have to drag my ass down there. Yesterday I had some errands so while at the mall I thought I would stop in to see if those jeans I have my eye on were in stock yet. They weren’t, so I pulled some of the things that I have had my eye on and tried them on. I’ll sum it up as a general fail. The only thing I bought there were some loose summer Pants for my oldest and a cat sweater for my youngest. I tried on a shirt, skirt, dress, and cardigan and these were the results.

1. A red sleeveless lace shirt (I can’t find it in the red online) While the colour and fabric were nice, it wasn’t a flattering cut on me. It may have looked nicer with a skirt but that wouldn’t give me a lot of versatility. This is the small and it seems a little boxy, the x-small was a little too fitted that it bunched at the waist.


Dressing Room Selfie Fails #dressingroomselfie


2. A long, loose summer dress (available in other prints and colours online). I have had my eye in this one for a while, and I like the casual cool effortless look of this dress but it was a huge fail for me. Way too long on my 5’3″ frame, too baggy and overwhelming. I looked like a kid playing dress up or like I should be wearing fuzzy slippers and curlers in my hair. I think this style is best suited for a taller or curvier woman. They do offer this print in a shorter more fitted option but they did not have it at more store to try on.


Dressing Room Selfie Fails #dressingroomselfie


3. Black and white, feather print skirt. This was meh. While it would be cool for summer and I have looked for a breezy, print skirt or a while and this seemed to check a lot of boxes on the hanger. But on I am not a huge fang of the waist and it falls in a weird spot causing my legs to be cut off awkwardly. I can find something better.


Dressing Room Selfie Fails #dressingroomselfie


4. Striped oversize sweater which I can’t find online probably since it was on sale and the stock is limited. This was an almost though. I actually really like this sweater and would have bought it once upon a time based on an almost feeling but since I don’t allow that in my shopping anymore I had to put it back. If they would have had one size down I may have bought it. I really like oversized cardigans for fall and winter. I am actually kind of regretting the decision, especially since it was $15 which is not a good reason to buy it but a hard habit to break.


Dressing Room Selfie Fails #dressingroomselfie


I wish that I had the time to try on more things that day but the line-ups were too long (which shocked me on a Thursday morning)  and as you can see my kid is getting bored. My oldest was waiting in a chair with her iPod borrowing free wifi from GAP so she was mildly entertained 😉 I am hoping for some better luck next time.

Any shopping successes lately?

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