What to Pack for Greece and Belgium

What to pack for Greece and Belgium Packing Light List for June #packinglight #travellight #traveltips #travelTank • H&M | White T-shirt • H&M | Wrap Top • Mango | Striped Shirt • H&M |
Cotton Blouse • Madewell | Pullover • Madewell | Knit Longsleeve • Mango |
Cardigan • Mango | Leather Jacket • Mango | T-shirt Dress • Madewell | Maxi Dress • H&M |
Denim • Madewell | Black Pants • H&M | Casual Pants • Mango | Shorts • H&M |
Bathingsuit • River Island | Hat • Madewell | Scarf • Vera Bradley | Sunglasses • Ray-Ban |
Sandals • Everlane | Sneakers • Converse | Ankle Booties • Sam Edelman |
Tote • Mango | Crossbody • Patricia Nash

It probably seems that all I am posting are packing lists lately, but I recently got flooded with requests and I am trying to get them all posted in time for each individual’s vacation. It’s keeping me busy 🙂 I am trying to get through all my June requests asap since we are now into May, because I hate being a last-minute packer and it’s always good to too a packing dry run in advance.

This request is for a 14 day vacation that will cover both Greece and Belgium in June. These two cities have very different weather and temperatures so she was having some difficulty trying to figure out what to pack when you have temperatures ranging from 13°C to +30°C. I call this my mom list because this is what I would pack on this type of vacation with kids. The clothing options are casual cool, easy to wear, and comfortable.

I kept everything fairly neutral so they would all go together more easily. Aim for cotton, linen or other materials that are cool and will breathe in the heat. The long sleeve cotton blouse can easily be left open over tanks and tees, or with the sleeves rolled up and knotted at the waist over dresses and swimsuits. The options are limitless even when you don’t bring your whole closet to choose from.

I decided on 6 tops, 2 pullovers, one cardigan, a t-shirt dress, a maxi dress, one pair of jeans and black pants, one loose cropped pant (I thoroughly enjoy these pants and want them), a swimsuit, and a pair of shorts. A light jacket is recommended and for me I would bring my leather jacket because that is my go-to staple (other options may include a jean jacket, a blazer, or even a trench).

I decided only one pair of sandals were needed along with a canvas running shoe, and a pair of ultra short booties. The accessories are basic and include a foldable hat, a bright coloured scarf/swimsuit wrap, sunglasses, a tote, and cross body.

She asked that I use my Alaskan Cruise packing list as inspiration because it reflected her style best, so I tried to stay within the same style and inspiration. She also will be travelling with her children and won’t have need to any evening wear, so these pieces are going to lean more towards casual.

I will be supplying the outfit options for this list in next post. I hope it can give you some ideas. Thanks for the request!

Have you ever packed for different climates in one trip?

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  1. This is an inspired travel wardrobe, and the bathing suit is so unique. Plus, love that colorful, cheerful scarf. I’m sure your client is thrilled with your selection. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith! She seems to be happy with the choices. I enjoy that swimsuit too. I bought mine based on customer reviews and photos thinking it would look awesome, but it’s definitely built for a curvier silhouette 😂 I’m looking for a replacement for it.

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