What I Wore This Week

What I Wore Today #ootd
What I Wore Today #ootd

What I Wore Today #ootd

What I Wore Today #ootd

I guess it is more like what I wore for the past few days up to and including today. I’ve noticed more and more that I stay within the confines of a certain colour palette. When I look at my instagram I notice that my pictures are usually in shades of grey, black, and white with some denim blue mixed in. It’s kind of neat to see this evolution because way back in the day my closet had absolutely no cohesiveness. Everything was bought based on that individual piece with no forethought, only the fact that I wanted it. So when you looked in my closet all you saw was bright colours, bold patterns, shiny, and glittery clothing. It resembled the rack in a vintage clothing store more than a personal closet. Today everything seems to go together. There is a feeling of planning and thought in my closet now. I can go in with my eyes closed and grab any top and any bottoms, get dressed in the dark and will still come out in something that goes together. I guess this is one of those bonuses to putting thought in to every piece you buy. While I may have 1/20 of the items I used to have, I have so much more to wear.

As you know I have been slowly buying things to replace pieces and build my current wardrobe so that it becomes less seasonal and more year wide. While it would be easy to fall in to old habits and randomly buy things that tickle my fancy so to speak, I have asked myself a few questions before I buy anything.

  1. Does it go with what I have?
  2. Do I have anything like it already?
  3. Is this something I am looking for or do I just want it?
  4. Is it versatile?
  5. Is this filling an emotional need? (if yes, then I don’t buy. It cuts out the shopping out of boredom problem)

While I am still waiting for my ASOS order and a present I got my kids for Easter (talk about late) I did receive my order from Zara really quickly. I ended up buying a pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans and an oversized V-neck sweater in black. I am satisfied with the purchases and while I probably could have sized up the jeans one size, they do have a bit of spandex(or elastane) in them and have some give. What I really like about the jeans is that they just hit my ankle. I usually have a small pooling of fabric down there due to short legs and I don’t have to worry about that with these. The sweater fits oversized, has a moderate V-neck, small side slits, and it really quite soft.  Plus, they go with my whole, grey, black, and denim thing I have going on 😉

zara new items

Oversized Sweater • Zara | Skinny Jeans • Zara

What I Wore Today #ootd
Wearing the above pieces on my way to Ikea.


What are the colours you seem to gravitate towards when buying something new?

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  1. Everything looks great, Sara. You have a very cohesive, distinct, and wonderful style. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Love it all! Would love links to what you are wearing as I adore your style and it would be great to see if those pieces would work within my existing wardrobe.

    • Thanks Beth! I just posted a complete breakdown of what is currently in my closet with links. Some of the items are older and no longer available so I have tried to find items that were comparable and in the same price range in these instances.

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