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Mother daughter

Mother daughter matching leather jackets. Roo outgrew this coat and I had it sitting waiting for Merle to grow into it. It’s a little big but she likes to match me so she wears it. The matching phase doesn’t last long so I am going to embrace it while I can 🙂

After my boyfriend jeans Banana Republic debacle (so ridiculously large on me and not at all flattering) I have had several other boyfriend jean failures. I was ready to give up and stick with my tried and true skinnies but thought I would give it one mire chance. Last week I brought the girls to the mall because I want to go to Gap to try on some jeans. I pulled the exact style up on my phone so I could ask a salesperson since the last time I was in there I was rushing and couldn’t find what I was looking for. She showed me to them and asked what size I needed and when I told her she suggested I try a couple of sizes smaller. I was skeptical since I haven’t worn that size in years but was willing to trust her thoughts. They didn’t have that size in the wash I wanted so she offered me a different wash to try so I could test the size and they surprisingly fit. So with that in mind I decided I would order them online because she didn’t guarantee that they would restock that size soon. When I ordered them a few days later I saw that they were on sale for $36 cheaper which made it easier to submit the purchase. They should be here this week.

I thought I would start something new. Not necessarily a new blog series but something occasionally that reveals a bit about myself and maybe answer some questions that people may have and send in my direction.

  1. First off I have never, ever had a manicure or pedicure. I paint my nails and stuff but I have never professionally had it done. I didn’t realize that it was something that a lot of women get done regularly until I started paying attention and noticing. I thought it was more of a special occasion things, I guess I lived under a rock. I probably still won’t get it done (I’ll never say never) because I don’t really like people touching me or awkward conversation. Maybe that is why I steer clear.
  2. I am much more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker and my favourite Starbucks drink is a London Fog, sometimes called an Earl Grey Latte (but once when I asked for that I got some black tea latte thing that did NOT taste the same) so now I stick with saying London Fog. In a Venti size because it’s so good I need a lot of it.
  3. I play the lottery every week. Not because I think I will win but because I know the time I stop that my numbers will be drawn. That’s just the way my luck rolls so now I am stuck with a $20 a week lottery expenditure until I die and then I will pass it on to my kids. Apparently my  series of numbers have never been all drawn at once in the history of this lotto so I am holding out hope. It’s got to happen some day right?
  4. I sleep with my head in a pillow cave. It has been on and off over the years but it started when I was 4-5, when I would get my bed ready at night I had this strict routine and order in which things needed to be placed on the bed. Certain dolls went on certain sides and I would have 4 pillows laid out with one flat, one on each side and one propped from the wall to balance over the two sides to form a tent. It was sort of OCD but seemed more inclined to be a protection ritual I needed to do to barricade myself from whatever gets you at night. As I got older the cave portion diminished but I always had a pillow at the top of my head blocking the crack of the bed against the wall, because hands can grab you through there. When we moved to this place our bedroom received direct morning sunlight which I can’t sleep through so I started putting a pillow propped on my head to block it out. Even when we got some room blackening shades I have continued it. For some reason it makes me sleep sounder.
  5.  I am 36, have been married for almost 12 years and we have never owned a home. I have been a perpetual renter since the days of college when I went from 1 roommate, to 5 roommates, down to 3, up to 4, and then down to 1 again, then I got married. We moved from a rented apartment to a duplex, to an upper in a house in the suburbs, a downtown apartment above a restaurant, then we moved to Toronto and lived in a high-rise, then now in a condo. Of all the places I enjoy condo living better since I don’t have to shovel or mow, worry about garbage pickup, or maintain a costly house. It is annoying though when you have to book an elevator if you want to move a piece of furniture. We lost out on that red couch I was talking about in this post because we couldn’t get the elevator that weekend and he had sold it to someone else before the next weekend 🙁 I think we are starting to get in to the mindset of actually buying our own condo now since we are in a better place financially and it would be nice to have a place that we can do whatever we want to without receiving permission (even now I use command strips to hang things because I don’t want to put holes in the walls). Places here are ridiculously expensive though, think just average houses in the $1 million dollar + range and 600 sq ft condos for $350,000+ plus monthly maintenance fees. I don’t know how people do it here.

These are a few things about me that I may or may not have mentioned before. I truly don’t remember because of mom brain.

If there is anything you want to know feel free to message me.

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