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Reading is one of the first things that I actively seek when I have some down time. That usually is between the hours of 11pm and 2am because if I try to stop and read during the day there is usually so much chaos going around that I end up reading the same page 10 times before I quit so it is pointless.

1. I downloaded the Kindle app to my 11 year olds iPad to cut down on the amount of book in the house. Honestly tons of books is a good thing but when they are taking over and you have no place to put them then reading an e-book sometimes is a better option (unless of course your truly love the book and want a physical copy). When I downloaded the app I warned her not to make any purchases without permission because it’s pretty easy to buy something with one-click. I did all that before bed, downloaded her the first book in the Chronicles of Prydain series and then settled down in to bed myself. Not 15 minutes later I get an email notification thanking me for signing up for Kindle Unlimited. So I went in the room where she said it “accidentally” happened. Since you get a free month trial I thought I might as well give it a shot so I searched out a book that was recommended based on my interests to see if it was available and it was so I “borrowed” it. I’m almost done and if you like historical fiction, specifically the medieval Mystery genre than I recommend the book The Colour of Poison: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery by Toni Mount. I am really enjoying it.

2. When I purged my closet significantly last year there were still a few times that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get rid of so I put them aside. I decided if I didn’t wear them within the year then they would go. So I went through a few this morning and decided to donate the two items (pictured up above). I don’t know think I have even worn them once. I do want a striped dress and I honestly thought this one was a winner at the time but is was too boxy and the shoulders were weird. I kind of felt like I was wearing shoulder pads even though there weren’t any. The skirt was an impulse buy like, 6 years ago. While it still fits, I really can’t see myself wearing it so in to the bag it goes to make room for something that I will wear.

3. A perfect instruction manual for people like me, 47 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know. I did the lipstick as blush thing before and it made me break out, so be warned if you have sensitive skin.

4. I asked my husband what he was doing the other day and he told me he was making a snake knot, and I said “oh you mean macrame for men?” and he said, “no, it’s a military knot because I am badass.” I googled “macrame snake knot” and showed it to him saying “yeah, badass macramé”. I actually did some macrame when I was 10/11. I found a how-to book of my moms and attempted as many small home decor projects from it that I could. I also made my dog a quilt from the same book. It was a good book and I wish I remembered the name of it because I think Roo would like it. Here is a tutorial on How to Make a Gorgeous Macrame Wall Hanging. I love the colour.

5. Lastly, Zara has some really, really cute kids clothes this season. It looks like I am going to spend a lot money in there to buy them some summer clothes. Plus, I love this dress and this shirt from there too. Actually I love a lot more but I narrowed it down to two 😉

What is your favourite genre of books?

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  1. Love the maxi dress, Sara. Plus, your posts have become even more interesting recently. Didn’t know that was possible. Cheers, Ardith

    • Haha! Thanks! I think I may tend to get more verbal diarrhoea when I blog while drinking wine 😉

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