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My husband works a lot. Not just a lot but really long hours each day sometimes up to 80+ hours a week. So to say we don’t get a lot of family time is an understatement. What we always find time to do as a family is something that we all enjoy immensely, ComiCon or FanExpo. These each hit Toronto once a year usually in March and then again around Labour Day weekend. My kids love to get dressed up so we let them go all out in their own sort of Cosplay way and make a day of it. Sometimes there are people that they want a photo-op with sometimes there isn’t so we just go wandering around the vendors looking for cool stuff and checking out the amazing costumes. The girls decided to resurrect their Halloween costumes this year so Merle was Cruella de Vil and Roo was a Ravenclaw student dress in her Harry Potter garb (go figure).

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How can you make such a sour face standing in front of the Ecto-1? 😉

I totally mom failed and didn’t realize that Easter was coming up so soon. I think I assumed it was in April and that I had more time, so I had to panic order two presents and neither will probably arrive on time. I got them a replica Sirius Black wand from the Etsy store I buy them from, and a Sorting Hat from ThinkGeek which hasn’t shipped yet 🙁

We decided that we are going to set aside some of our tax return (when we get it back) and use it to buy some clothes for the girls and I. We were really lucky that neither girl hit a huge growth spurt in the last year so their clothes have lasted them several seasons instead of the normal 1-2. But there is no avoiding it now, they both need some summer gear. My go-to for them both is usually H&M for jeans, and shorts, Zara kids for cute shirts and dresses (for Merle) and Roo likes her standard sci-fi t-shirts and plaids. She also finds a lot of things she likes at Value Village regularly which is awesome and saves on some money.

I need to find the magic way to meal plan. Seriously. It seems the same meals are always on rotation and I don’t know how to get out of the rut. If you know a good site for meal planning, and recipes that a picky kid may enjoy I would love to hear about it.

We bought this awesome Threepio Buddha from ComiCon (top photo), the company’s name is Modulicious and they have some really cool things. Threepio goes with our Storm Trooper Buddha that we bought last time but this one gets the privilege of sitting on my desk. I need a greenery to go with him so maybe I will buy a cactus or another hard to kill plant.

I am trying to get in to the habit of taking daily outfit pictures. The problem is that I don’t have a good mirror in someplace with good lighting so I need to figure something out to make them better. It’s hard to talk about clothes and wardrobe planning when you can’t give examples of how you wear what you have so I am really trying to get my shit together in that area. I also had someone message me and ask me if I could post photos to show how I work my wardrobe so that so they can see get a general idea of how I use what I have. Since I haven’t put together an outline of what my spring/summer wardrobe is going to look like I will still be wearing what is listed under my fall/winter capsule. It’s still cool here and probably will be at least until the beginning of May so I have plenty of time to get that stuff figured out.

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The one and only outfit shot I got from last week and even then I was dressed completely inappropriately for the weather. Serves me right for looking at the sun and assuming it was nice like it has been. The tricky winter sun was masking a cold, cold day.

Is there anything that  you are interested in seeing on here? I am open to all kinds of ideas. 

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  1. I am SO happy to hear you are going to try and chronicle what you wear each day. I love following you on Instagram and often ask where you get your clothes. I am fortunate that I work for myself. When I am consulting I have to obviously wear more professional clothes, but out and about I am all about comfort- simple, chic with a bit of an edge. Love your style- and it’s been great seeing how you styled this dress. Right now that’s what I’ve been wearing. Keep on keeping on!

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