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Before I get to the point of this post I just wanted to mention again how utterly bizarre this winter is. The picture on the left was what I wore early last week (with a light jacket). It looks like what I normally wear in the summer/early fall. The picture on the right was this week with a huge parka over because we had some of our coldest days of the season. Then tomorrow it supposed to be 10°C and all the snow from the snow storms this week melt. It doesn’t seem that big a deal but if you experience the winters we usually get this is a very strange year. I’m not complaining though, because while I like winter I prefer to be able to walk destinations without my face freezing off and disappearing in a snow drift.

We decided that we wanted to spend next Christmas in Europe. Where exactly? No idea yet. How long? Tentatively 2 weeks. I’m supposed to spend the next several months planning out the trip but I have hit a brick wall already. There are so many things I want to see and do that I can’t narrow down where we should go. In my head I want to see all, but realistically I know that will lessen the experience if we cram too much into a 2 week trip. I’ve gone through my list and determining what are the things I want to see most, then I group them by countries, accessibility (we are going in winter and some things are not open during that time or we will miss them like Krampus.) I’m going to have to buckle down and do some serious planning to make the most out of our time and build some great family memories.

I don’t fly by the seat of my pants very well, I am a planner. So I have looked around for some websites that will help in the planning process and came across a few winners. I think the following will help immensely for planning a trip.

The Man in Seat Sixty-one – Absolutely anything you could ever want to know about train travel through Europe. He has everything on there. We were thinking that train travel would be a good option for us to hit several countries and I have studied this website daily. There is so much information on there.

London Walks – A huge list of guided walks around London. The schedules are posted online and you just show up at the designated time. Walks within London are £10 for adults and children under 15 are free if accompanied by an adult. Lots of family friendly walks, as well as scary ones (Jack the Ripper Tour is one I want to do but not with the kids unfortunately), there are also special walks for Christmas. Day trips from London available for higher costs.

Tripomatic – Just plug-in where you are going, pick a template (or don’t), and it lists everything that is available for you to see and do. You just click on what interests you to build an itinerary. Also keeps all your confirmations numbers, addresses and phone numbers of the hotel, flight information , and any transportation/rental information all in one spot that syncs across all devices.

If you have any websites or apps that are great for planning trips let me know.

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  1. Thank you for the tips, Sara. LOL, I have a very similar leopard cardigan. Cheers, Ardith

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