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Can you tell it was super cold? We had to walk around for a long while trying to find a spot that wasn’t on the top of a snow drift.

Several months ago I made a post about Plus-size Capsule Wardrobes. In this post I included a list of stores that offer stylish Plus size clothes for women, and one of those stores was eShakti. I didn’t go into much detail about what each store offered so I never mentioned that eShakti doesn’t offer just plus sizes, they offer a huge range of sizes from 0-36. Not only that, but they also offer customization for a small fee ($7.50). Last month they reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in choosing a dress from their site and having it customized. In return they asked that I share my experience so I said sure. I have been interested in trying it out so this was the perfect opportunity.

Have you ever tried on a dress only to wish that it was shorter, or the sleeves were longer, or the neckline less low-cut? I’m sure you said yes to all because I think that I experience that every time I try a dress on. With eShakti’s their customization is twofold.

  1. You can pick from a list of different sleeve lengths, necklines, dress lengths to build your perfect dress. For some styles you can choose to add or remove the pockets (which is a free option).
  2. You enter your stats by measuring yourself, or better yet having someone else measure you for accuracy and enter them into bust, chest, hip, shoulder, under bust, upper arm, and waist. If you have a longer torso or long legs providing these stats is recommended: High point shoulder to bust point, high point shoulder to waist,  and high point shoulder to knee. These will provide the most accurate and best fit. They also give instruction on how to do each measurement if you are unsure of what they mean. The last measurement need is the height.

Or if straight off the rack seems to always fit you can just order a standard size from 0-36. But if you are like me then nothing ever seems to fit perfect and having the option to customize is great because let’s face it, sometimes we buy stuff with the intention to bring it in to a Taylor to fix and you never do which lessens the amount you actually wear the item.

When you are not really tall you have to be cautious of what dress length you get. Maxi dresses, mini, and knee-length seem to work, but when it hits you just under the knees you can run into an issue of looking like your clothes are wearing you, and it cuts off your legs making you seem shorter than you are. I have 2 dresses in my closet that I intended to get shortened because of this and they are still sitting there after 3 years.

Off all the dresses on their site I decided to pick Ruched Waist Cotton Knit Maxi Dress in black. I chose it because I was in the market for a dressier maxi dress, and one that could transition through different seasons. I went online and entered my stats and hit submit. It arrived packaged really well and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised at with the quality of the fabric. The cotton was a very thick, well hanging fabric, and the stitching was great. I chose not to alter the length, neckline, or sleeve length since I liked the way it looked as-is, but I did include my personal stats and height to get an exact fit. It fits like a glove, my only suggestion is that if you are in between height go up. For example if you are 5’3″ 1/2 then enter you are 5’4″. I made the mistake of entering 5’3″ and the length is just right but I could have used that extra bit. This isn’t their fault though, totally mine and a lesson I will use for next time.

I love that I am able to make this dress my own by pairing it with Converse sneakers and a leather jacket so it looks like me, but I could also pair this with sandals, some jewellery and wear my hair up for a summer casual.  Overall I am happy with the dress would order something again. You end up with a dress that is unequivocally made just for your body, and in today’s market of fast fashion what more could you ask for? Plus, your size is always in stock.

You can check out eShakti through their website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also see  what others have to share about eShakti by checking out the hashtags #eShakti and #realfashionforrealpeople.

As a thank-you I have a code for 10% off from February 22, 2016 – March 22, 2016. Valid as many times as  you want during that time period. Enter livelovesara in the promotional box to activate.* Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 

Below are some of my favourites from the site. Many of the styles have other colour options to choose from, I am just partial to black, white, and red. And remember if it isn’t exactly what you want you can customize it.

Eshakti Dress Favourites

1. Kayla Dress | 2. Allison Dress | 3. Zip Back Cotton Knit Shift Dress* | 4. Bird Print Georgette Wrap Dress
5. Banded Stripe Banded Poplin Skirt | 6. Embellished Floral Lace Shift Dress
*The next dress I want to order.

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  1. Great dress, Sara. Actually, it’s a great outfit, especially with those sneakers. BTW, would you mind telling me where you got your jacket? Thank you and cheers, Ardith

    • Hey Ardith, I got it from H&M about 5 years ago, but they seem to put out a similar style every season. It’s faux but looks real and has survived 5 years of continuous use without any noticeable wear. It was about $50 when I got it so well worth the money.

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