Revamping My Capsule Wardrobe

H&M Waffle Knit T-shirt Capsule Wardrobe

Mango Cape / Cardigan Capsule Wardrobe

Mango Cape and F21 Dress Capsule WardrobeI decided to embrace my younger self in this and paired some heavy moto boots with a dress for shits and giggles. I haven’t worn that combination since I was a teen in 1995.

Waffle Knit Shirt | Jeans | Beanie | Converse | Cape | Black Tee (similar) |
Vans | Black Dress (similar) | Frye Boots

In my last post I did a mid-season review for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe to discuss what was working, what wasn’t, and what could have been better. I also mentioned that I wanted to start replacing some of my pieces and investing a little more money in to things to give my wardrobe a little overhaul. I have had the same clothes in rotation for several years now. There have always been a few new pieces here and there but mostly I just transferred the same pieces through each season. This is pretty much what a capsule is about but I am also finding that things are getting worn out a lot quicker and maybe my style is changing a bit again. I kind of want to do a style reflection post because I am noticing some things about myself. This will come another day.

While I would love to invest in some new pieces of substantial quality that obviously isn’t something that a lot of people can do. It always seems that when I have anything saved there is always an expense that comes along to wipe out the savings. It seems inevitable and since we are not a family that has a huge disposable income or a large budget for clothes than we make do with more budget conscious clothing. While I would love to spend several hundred dollars on a great pair of jeans, I am more comfortable in the $50-$100 range, but I have also been known to wear jeans that cost $20 or less. I also find that I need to make myself spend money on me if that makes sense. If I save for something I find that when the time comes to buy it I feel guilty and end up buying something for the kids instead. I think that is an issue that a lot of parents go through. I would love to invest some money into a great leather moto jacket (mine is vegan leather and I would love to have a real one). I bought Frye’s which I have saved up for years only to have to use the money on other things until a few months ago. I would also like a nice black leather handbag. I’m not really sure what kind yet but I always keep my eye open.

While staying in the budget conscious territory I found a cape/oversized cardigan from Mango for almost 50% off last week. It was one that I used in my Dublin packing list and fell in love with it. I also bought an oversized waffle knit long sleeve from H&M on the weekend for $29.99 that resembles the oversized Free People shirt that I used in my Panama packing list. See, even I use my own lists as inspiration for building my wardrobe 😉

*That beanie has been my go-to for a while since I a) don’t have to style my hair much, and b) it covers my need to dye my hair.

Do you have any investment pieces in your wardrobe, or do you tend to stick to budget conscious as well?

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  1. Sara, your mid-season review was a fabulous idea! I’m doing the same this afternoon!

    I am also a budget conscious person. It really started when I was gaining weight and didn’t want to pay a lot for something “not in my goal size.” Well, some time later and I’m still shopping that way, but I’m now losing the weight. Maybe when I do get to my goal, I will buy upscale clothes!
    However, a plus for bargain shopping is that I don’t feel guilty when I put something in the donate pile because I can still afford to replace it!

    I love your blog! The first one I found was a packing for Italy trip. I followed it and was able to travel to Italy for 16 days in a carryon and a messenger bag!!! Thank you!

    • Thank you Lynn!
      I spent a lot of time and closet space on clothes that I bought or kept with intent to fit in again someday. When what I needed to do was spend more time with the pieces that worked best on me. Getting rid of all the other stuff was a revelation.

      I am just starting the investing more money into nicer pieces journey, I don’t know how it will work out. Spending money on pieces with the intent to wear them for years makes sense to me now. I still definitely believe that bargain shopping works for many things, especially trendy items that you probably won’t wear in a year. But my new wardrobe goal is to only buy things that bring me joy. I am going to Marie Kondo my style 🙂

      Congratulations on the weight loss! It’s not an easy journey.


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