New Year, New Goals – Happy 2016

Shopping some Zara sales

The kids stayed up really late last night ringing in the New Year while drinking Dryck Bubbel Parron (Sparkling Pear Drink) from Ikea so they slept in pretty late today. I got a few blissful hours of quiet this morning and was able to drink several caffeinated drinks and do some online shopping. I was searching for some spring wardrobe inspiration and bought a couple of pieces from Zara that should be arriving soon.  I could easily walk down the street and shop in a brick and mortar Zara but what fun would online shopping be if you didn’t buy anything?

Another year, another chance is how many people think of it. If you have had a rough year you may see the new year as a fresh start or a chance to live life differently. Although I opt for changes, and new goals at any time during the year a January 1st start always seems more legit. I don’t know why that is. While I have failed many New Years resolutions I also have found some success and achievements (less that I care to admit). I like to think of things in terms of goals and lifestyle changes instead, because putting item in this type of perspective makes me more apt to keep pursuing and following these changes and goals.

Last year I had some goals that I achieved……kind of. My first goal was to continue pursuing my learning of French. While I did fully complete my Duolingo French Tree I find that more often than not I go to bed at night without doing much more than a cursory glance at my learning texts. I plan on changing that this year and go full force (especially now that we are planning on a big European trip next winter, did I mention that?). My other goal was to be able to do a yoga headstand. This was another semi success. I can get up to a certain point but haven’t excelled into getting my legs up in a complete inversion. I am wobbly and end up falling over. I think part of my problem is weak abdominal muscles and fear. The fear truly holds you back. I also broke a rib this past year when I walked in to my footboard in the middle of the night (it is tall and heavy wood and I am the perfect height for it to clip me right at the bottom rib) which set back some of my exercise goals for a time. This is pretty much as high as I can get while remaining stable. Ignore the gratuitous ass shot 😉

Half assed yoga headstand. Beginner.

And yes that is a PeeWee Herman puppet on my bookshelf.

I plan on buying (today at some point) the Let’s Start Yoga ebook by Jessica Olie. It is supposed to help to bring you to your splits (another goal of mine), help with beginner inversions, and help you develop your flows. I not very good when it comes to building my own workouts. I find I do the same exercises and stretches/flows all the time. I am the kind of person that needs it to be planned out for them and I have heard that this ebook is great for that.

Another one of my goals was to build this blog and figure out what direction I was planning on going with it . I think that I have kind of found my niche over the last year and hope to build upon it in the upcoming year. I am not some young 20 something anymore with a ton of disposable income and a beautiful and bright home, so trying to fit in that niche is completely ridiculous. I am a mother of two who is on the wrong (or right?) side of 35, still has second-hand furniture in which gets kicked to shit by kids, and I refuse to dress a certain way because I am getting older. I like to plan wardrobes, build travel capsules, plan seasonal wardrobes all based on what I like. There is a link up on Not Dressed as a Lamb and a hashtag for not conforming to age and fashion rules called #iwillwearwhatilike and that my friends is my main goal for this new year.

May you have success in all of your goals, and resolutions this year.

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