One Chambray Shirt 4 Ways

1 Chambray Shirt Styled 4 different ways. How to make the most out of your wardrobe. Versatile fashion and options.
Boho Look – 1. Chambray Top  | 2. Scarf | 3. Sunglasses | 4. Hobo Bag
5. Stack Bracelets | 6. Flares | 7. Wedge Sandal | 8. Nailpolish
Casual Look – 1. Chambray Top | 2. Sweater | 3. Distressed Denim | 4. Watch
5. Scarf | 6. Purse | 7. Flats | 8. Hat | 9. Nailpolish
Rock Look – 1. Chambray Top | 2. Leather Jacket | 3. Sunglasses | 4. Nailpolish OPI
5. Watch | 6. Purse | 7. Converse | 8. Nars Lipstick | 9. Black Pants
Party Look – 1. Chambray Top | 2. Sequin Skirt | 3. Glitter Tank | 4. Lipstick
5. Necklace | 6. Clutch | 7. Nailpolish | 8. Watch | 9. Heels | 10. Earrings
* Since this post is older, quite a few of the above items that are sold out now. I have replaced sold out items with similar pieces in the same price range.

I thought that I would try something new this post. Well, not something new because many others do similar posts, but something new for here. My intention is to show you how versatile your own closets actually are by taking one item of clothing and styling it four different ways. This will help you to see how you can pair up things you already own for completely different looks, therefore building your personal and travel wardrobe for the most versatility.

My goal is to make this a series that I may do on a monthly basis. Something different, but tied to everything if that makes any sense. For the first one, the key piece I am working with is a chambray button down shirt. Lots of us have one of these in our wardrobe because it has become a seasonal staple, and honestly most of us wear it the same way each time we pull it out of our closet. I chose to showcase four different styles because let’s face it, sometimes you wake up and feel a little more rock than you did yesterday, some days a little more boho. You get my drift. Changing up my style has been a regular occurrence since 1994.

Speaking of 1994 have you seen the tv show Hindsight? It propelled me right back to when I was 14 smack dab in the best time of music and fashion……grunge. It’s a great show that I binge watched in a day and I highly recommend it for anyone who grew up during that time (or anyone really, but if you grew up then you might appreciate it more).

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