What to Wear for Brussels, Belgium

What to Wear in Brussels, Belgium

Outfit 1 – Striped Tunic | Black Pants | Coat | Flats | Purse
Outfit 2 – Long Blouse | Leather Pants | Sunglasses | Watch | Clutch | Booties
Outfit 3 – Sweater Poncho | Jeans | Hat | Purse | Tall Boots
Outfit 4 – Grey Tank | Black Pants | Cardigan | Scarf | Purse | Tall Boots
Outfit 5 – Dress | Coat | Watch | Clutch | Booties
Outfit 6 – Pullover | Leather Pants | Sunglasses | Purse | Flats
Outfit 7 – Dressy Tank | Black Pants | Blazer | Watch | Clutch | Booties
Outfit 8 – Long Blouse | Jeans | Hat | Scarf | Purse | Flats
Outfit 9 – Striped Tunic | Jeans | Cardigan | Purse | Tall Boots
Outfit 10 – Grey Tank | Black Pants | Sweater Poncho | Sunglasses | Clutch | Booties
*This is a link to a cheaper alternative to the leather pants in the packing list. 

I think my favourite part of packing light lists are putting together the outfit options. I like to imagine the many ways your can wear pieces to get a new outfit each time. I also have styles that I gravitate to for periods of time. As you can see in my last few packing list I have incorporated laced flats in to them. They are my current fashion fashion obsession. I’m also partial to Frye boots and I am debating whether I should start saving for a pair. I have trouble justifying spending that much on myself but I think the investment would be worthwhile. Plus, I recently had to glue the insole of my favourite boots back in so I hope that wasn’t a sign that they are on their way out for me 🙁

With this list I chose to focus on my usual black, grey, and white combination and decided to add some camel colour to it. I love this colour and it actually looks really good on me unlike some colours (ahem…royal blue). So this is one of those shades that I try to keep in my wardrobe as a neutral. I only have one sweater that is a camel/golden colour and this post is reminding me that I should add some more at some point.

In my last post I showed the packing list for Brussels, Belgium. In this post I made the what to wear outfit options ideas. It has 22 pieces which include 13 items of clothing, 3 pairs of shoes, 4 accessories, and 2 purses. I picked shoes that were black, a neutral hat and scarf, and tortoiseshell accessories to add a little touch. I made 10 outfits from this list and added 6 bonus outfits at the bottom, so a total of 16 outfits I made from the pieces with room to make more with a little creativity. I added some oversized sweaters to wear in case the weather is in between needing to wear the coat. I double purposed the dress as a long, oversized tunic worn with a cardigan. This is kin do of like a laid back bohemian look. As usual, make sure that the outfit that you wear on the plane is your bulkiest pieces from your packing list. This will help lighten the suitcase.

Do you have a favourite outfit from this list?

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6 Bonus Outfits

What to Wear in Brussels, Belgium

 Outfit 11 – Dress (worn as tunic) | Black Pants | Cardigan | Hat | Clutch | Flats
Outfit 12 – Dressy Tank | Leather Pants | Coat | Watch | Purse |Booties
Outfit 13 – Pullover | Black Pants | Hat | Scarf | Sunglasses | Clutch | Tall Boots
Outfit 14 – Grey Tank | Jeans | Blazer | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse | Flats
Outfit 15 – Striped Tunic | Leather Pants | Sweater Poncho | Purse | Flats
Outfit 16 – Long Blouse | Black Pants | Cardigan | Hat | Clutch | Tall Boots


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