What to Pack for Oslo, Norway – Packing Light

Olso Norway Trip Packing Light List

Tank | T-shirt | Blouse | Dressy Top | Striped Long Sleeve | Oversize Sweater
Grey Cardigan | Black Pullover | Dress | DenimGrey Denim | Black Pants | Jacket
Wool Hat | Knit Hat | Scarf | Necklace | Sunglasses | Watch
Vans SneakersHeels | Frye Boots | Mason Carry-on | Small Bag | Large Purse 

The history of Oslo, Norway can be traced back 1000 years, although traces of a settlement have been found that indicate people inhabited there as far back as 10000 BC.  Founded in 1048, by the king Harald Hardråde it became Norway’s capital in 1300. A fire destroyed it in 1624 and it was renamed Christiana (Kristiana) in honour of the Danish King, Christian IV. The name remained until 1925 when it was changed back to its original Norwegian name.

Oslo ranks as one of the worlds largest capitals in area. Most of its 452 square kilometres is forest which makes it a very nature oriented city. Although its location is far north it is a temperate climate due to the warm air coming across the Atlantic form the Gulf Stream. Summer is warm with long sunny days, and winter hangs around just above or below freezing with cold spells throughout the season. Rainfall is spread throughout the year but the rainiest month is August. Oslo consistently ranks high in terms of highest quality of life, and Norwegians are known as some of the happiest people in the world.

A lot of people who blog choose to take the weekends off for family time, but in this house people sleep until noon. I usually have  more free time weekend mornings. No other day during the week do I have this slot of consecutive hours to work on the blog without interruption. So here I am on a Sunday morning enjoying the peace and quiet, with multiple cups of coffee.

In this packing light list I decided to choose clothes for the cooler time of year because that is what we are heading in to. Oslo is quite pedestrian friendly and offers several pedestrian precincts and wide open people areas. Karl Johans gate is Oslo’s main shopping street and since it is mainly closed to traffic, it is perfect for spending the day walking around on foot, so decent footwear is necessary. I would love to visit Oslo at any time of the year but I think it would be magical with snow so I added a pair of lined leather boots in this list to have both style and warmth. I will post outfit options for these items in the next post.

Do you like to travel during the winter months?

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