What to Pack for Barcelona, Spain – Packing Light

Barcelona Spain Packing Light Packing List

Dressy Tank | White T-shirt | Graphic T-shirt | Peasant Blouse | Light Blouse
Cardigan | Sweater Dress | Lightweight Coat | Cropped Trousers | Denim
Wide Leg Pants | Midi Skirt | Sunglasses | Hat | Watch | Necklace | Blanket Scarf
Flats | Dressy Sandals | Casual Flats | Purse | Small Purse 

Located on the coast of the Iberian Peninsula facing the beautiful, blue waters of the Mediterranean sea is Barcelona. It is Spain’s second largest city with a population of about 1.6 million people. It has had a long history that has included both Roman and Frank law, and the Roman grid plan is still visible in the layout of the historical centre. Barcelona is old. The date of its oldest settlement is not clear but there are two legends about its founding. The first one states that the mythological Hercules founded it, and the second states that its founding was in the third century by Hannibal’s father, Carthaginian Hamlicar Barca who named it Barca after his family.

Its climate is ideal and has mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. This means that travel all year round has comfortable weather except August which is the hottest month. There is no need for winter gear, just a mid to lightweight coat (depending on the time of year) and sweaters, or wraps for the cooler evenings.

For this packing light list my goal was to give some looser clothing options for daytime touring, with some warmer options for evening when the cooler breeze comes in off the Mediterranean. This list consists of 12 pieces plus shoes and accessories. I decided to include one dressytank, two t-shirts in a looser fit, two airy peasant blouses, one cardigan, a sweater dress, cropped men’s trousers, jeans, loose wide leg pants, a skirt, and a lightweight jacket. The scarf I included is a blanket style scarf that can be worn open as a cover up or a shawl. A blanket scarf is a good accessory to have in any regular or travel wardrobe because it is so versatile.  Here are 20 ways to wear a blanket scarf that shows you how many different looks you can get from this one accessory. The outfit options for this packing list are in this blog post.

What is your favourite accessory?  

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