Pack Light for London, England

London England Packing Light Packing List

Dressy Tank | White T-shirt | Blouse | Bright Pullover | White Sweater
Grey Knit Sweater | Kimono Blazer | Black Dress | Cigarette Pants | Black Pants
Dark Denim | Casual Denim | Wool Coat | Hat | Scarf | Watch | Sunglasses
Flats | Booties | Frye Moto Boots | Purse | Clutch 

O London, London, wherefore art thou London? The answer to that is, way too far from where I live than I would like it to be. I had to add some Shakespeare in there 😉 How awesome would it be to live in London? This city has it all and if you are a history buff like me you will think you died and went to heaven. London has existed in one form another for 2 millennia. How many cities can boast that kind of history? Many of the most famous monarchs throughout history have claimed London as home. It has survived through a massive fire, invasions, and the plague more than once, and it still has evidence from when the Romans conquered it and called it Londonium.  When William the Conqueror and his Normans invaded in 1066 he brought the French and Latin language with him. This influenced Old English and it started the transformation to the modern-day English language. If that arrow didn’t strike King Harold Godwinson in the eye during The Battle of Hastings we might be living in a completely different world now. This is a good, quick, and interesting video on The Evolution of the English Language.

There is so much to see and do in London that I would definitely have to make a huge list so I didn’t miss anything. I’d kick myself if I got back home and realized I missed an opportunity to cross something off of my bucket list. I’ll talk about those places in my next post. Right now I am going to discuss London’s climate/weather and what I included in the packing list. London is a climate that I find preferable than to where I live. It has a range of 8°C as a high in December to the low 20’s°C during the summer months. Nothing too extreme like it gets here. On average it rains once every 3 days and even then it may only be for a short period. Its average rainfall is lower than the rest of the UK.

For this week’s pack light packing list I chose for this list are more suited for fall, winter, spring temps than for summer but could be easily adapted. I chose a camisole for layering under things or it may be worn solo with some black pants for dressing up. The other tops include a plain white t-shirt, a blouse, and a few pullovers. There are two different shades of denim, black fitted pants, and black cigarette pants. The dress can double as a pencil skirt if you layer a sweater over it. I chose a wool coat for warmth and dressiness, and a kimono style blazer to add variety. The footwear that I included is a red pair of flats for some colour, dressy boots, and a pair of casual moto boots that are good for walking and weather. The few accessories that I picked are a hat, scarf, and watch with a wide bracelet-like band. All together there are 22 items that will make 10+ outfits and would work well for a vacation that was a few weeks in length and even for a variety of cities if you are city hopping. The outfit suggestions for this list will be in the next post.

How did you like this packing list? What would you include that was different?

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