Packing Light Amsterdam Kids Edition Outfit Options

Packing Light Amsterdam Outfit Options Part 1

Outfit 1 – Black Tank | Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Beanie | Boots
Outfit 2 – Grey Sweater | Black Pants | Coat | Sneakers
Outfit 3 – Grey T-shirt | Blazer | Jeans | Scarf | Slip-ons
Outfit 4 – Baseball T-shirt | Leggings | Flannel Shirt | Sneakers | Beanie
Outfit 5 – Dress | Pullover | Tights | Sneakers
Outfit 6 – Blue T-shirt | Jeans | Plaid Shirt | Scarf | Boots
Outfit 7 – Black Tank | Black Pants | Blazer | Beanie | Sneakers
Outfit 8 – Baseball T-shirt | Jeans | Coat | Slip-ons
Outfit 9 – Grey Sweater | Flannel Shirt | Jeans | Scarf | Sneakers
Outfit 10 – Black Tank | Black Pants | Pullover | Sneakers
Outfit 11 – Dress | Plaid Shirt | Tights | Beanie | Boots
Outfit 12 – Blue T-shirt | Leggings | Blazer | Scarf | Sneakers 

Last post I decided that I would branch out my packing light lists and make a kids version as well. I wasn’t going to do outfit options for them but then I thought that the list kind of looked like a mishmash of clothes so I wanted to give an example of how my daughter would wear these pieces. This will  give a better idea to how versatile this list is. The clothes I picked would be suitable from now until spring with a few changes if the temperatures were  got colder or snowy. Maybe add a pair of rain boots and some mittens. Aside from that it is very versatile for the weather with the ability to build layers. If there is a situation were you made need to dressing up, then wearing the blazer over the dress will work. I built 12 example outfits but there is definitely room to make more.

Travel to me means a lot of walking. I am eager to absorb culture and history so I am willing to walk as much as is necessary to do so. Shoes that are comfortable to walk in are a must. Especially for children who aren’t used to walking and may tire easily. My older daughter is a walker like me and even though they aren’t the most comfortable shoes she lives in her Converse and Doc Marten’s. If I suggested she bring a different pair she would probably politely decline 😉

There are lots of things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Some of the ones that looked most fun were:

  • Boat tours because Amsterdam is a canal city. How better to explore it than by taking boats through the canals.
  • The Tropenmuseum
  • Nemo museum (no, not the clownfish Nemo, it’s a Science museum)
  • Rent a Bakfiets for use with my smaller kid.
  • The Artis Royal Zoo. It is not just a zoo but has an aquarium and planetarium. There is also a Zoological Museum, playgrounds, and you can walk among the animals in the petting zoo portion.
  • AmstelPark has a wide variety of things for kids and families to do during varying seasons.
  • There are speeltuins (playgrounds) all over the city. These aren’t just regular playgrounds though, some of these are really, really cool.

These are just a few of the many things you can do with children in Amsterdam. Do you have any suggestions for other families that may be visiting there?

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  1. Sara, if you ever get the chance to take your kids to the Efteling (, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the best amusements parks I’ve ever visited. I went with my colleagues from Philips, many of whom fondly remember going there as children themselves. Cheers, Ardith

    • That looks incredible! My kids would lose their minds over it. See, it always pays to ask. I never would have heard of it if I didn’t. Thank you for the suggestion.

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