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I was watching a funny segment from Jimmy Fallon called #myroomateisweird and it brought me back to being in college. I had roommates for 5 years before I got pregnant and then moved in with Tom. It was a wild few¬†years. Out of those 5 years, only one of them I lived with a single roommate. The other years I had 3-5 other people living with me. There was one house that our rent ended up being only $119 a month each which left money for beer ūüėČ These are a few of my “myroomateisweird stories.

  • Once a roommate and I woke up to another roommate frantically scrubbing and febrezing the couch. We never talked about it, but I never sat on it again.
  • I had another roommate that was extremely religious but she spent her time¬†getting rip-roaring drunk and having one nights stands.
  • One¬†was such a neat freak she went through a whole bottle of windex in a week.
  • I went back to my parents one Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to have my wisdom teeth removed and recover a bit. When I came back two pairs of my shoes were missing and were never seen again. There was also a large pair of converse that someone left that weekend too and one roommate said “Dave had an extremely hot friend over and you missed it.” Coincidentally it was Tom, who I didn’t meet for a while¬†after that. I wonder how that would have played out if I met him then.
  • I had one who¬†started off fine but he got really weird when he drank. He thought his room had ghosts (but it turned out to be a bat that flew around when the lights were off) and he got freaked and slept in his car with a big fucking knife. I only lived with him for 1 year. When the bat revealed itself it was probably the funniest thing I have ever saw and if smart phones were a thing back then I totally would have documented that for life.

Do you have any good roommate stories?

Here is a weekly round up

  1. Value village has it’s Halloween stuff out and when we went this weekend they had a full-sized, posing¬†skeleton. ¬†Merle has wanted a human sized skeleton for the last year and a half and when we searched for them all we found we really expensive teaching models. So when we saw this one we bought it. She called him Fred.Fred the Skeleton
    Merle and Fred the Skeleton
    She has been dragging this guy around the house everywhere. 

  2. I read an article from National Geographic this week that Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor deep in a South African cave. They don’t quite know how they fit in the family tree for humans yet though because they are waiting for carbon dating of the bones. They have been named¬†the Homo naledi and once again I am left wishing I had followed through with a degree in¬†history.
  3. I read about a crazy conspiracy theory called Phantom Time¬†hypothesis. What is basically is stating is that the dating system in the early middle ages was fabricated, so the expanse of years from 614-911 did not happen. According to them we are actually in the year 1708 after losing 297 years because of that fabrication. Totally bizarre thing to think about. The middle ages is my favourite time period and I would be really upset if we lost 297 years of it. (no I don’t believe it I just like to read stuff like this)
  4. Homemade healthy and organic fruit sorbet. Made from whatever fruit you want. We had something like this last year from a little shop. The sorbet was made from the fruit and then served in the skin of the hollowed out fruit. It was delicious but Merle ate the lemon favour and I think the pure citric acid caused her to have a slight reaction because she has these reddish-purple spots around her mouth for a few days after. Aside from that it was amazing, I would just get her a less lemony flavour next time since she appears to have sensitive skin.
  5. 33 Ingenious ways that spray paint can transfer your stuff. I wonder if I would get less annoyed by all the magnetic letter that I find lying around the house if they were spray painted gold instead?


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